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  1. Mouse goes off the game screen Has anyone had this problem? When playing the game if I move the mouse up it exits the game and brings down the options to minimze, resize the window or to exit the window, which I've done more times then I care to count and have died because of this. If I move the mouse down it brings up the taskbar. I have to pause the stupid game, if I can, recenter the mouse and continue playing. Or if I click on the taskbar, click on the game screen and pray that I don't die after falliing off my argentavis. I play in fullscreen mode, which I don't like, as well. Because if I don't the mouse goes off the game screen completely and I click on another window by mistake. I have looked but I can't find a way to fix it. I've spoken to microsoft and the company I got my laptop from. I've looked up different solutions on google, youtube, and other such sites. I've asked friends and have taken it to stores like Best Buy and OfficeMax but got nothing. I don't have 2 monitors. Just my laptop. With all the problems this stupid game has I don't need or want this one added on.
  2. One of the words keeps getting changed to another. My laptop doesn't have auto correct. Here is my original question.
  3. An Intel core i5 7th gen. I've never had this problem before. It happened after I switched to prim+ I know my laptop it a but older and I do plan on getting a new one soon.
  4. Help please? Does anyone know why the world looks like this? I've tried to change the settings. I've logged in at least 3 times to see if that would fix it but nothing. I can't place down anything either. Yes I play on my laptop. I'm not an xbox player. I perfer to play on pc. Could someone please help me?
  5. I only have one question. Will I lose every thing I have on my friends server? I don't care about what I have on my solo worlds but I play with a few friends on a vanilla crossplay server on PC. I want to join another friend's server but he has Prim+. I've seen what happens when Ark has updates, nothing good happens, and it unnevers me a lot to think that I could lose everything by switching.
  6. Does this aslo enclude talk about fixing the lag on severs and other bugs? I really hope so.
  7. We've all been waiting but these fools screwup all the time with the new updates. My friends are playing right now and I want to join them but I can't till the damn update is ready...
  8. I think we'er going to have to wait like last time sadly.
  9. I'm sorry for not replying sooner but thank you all for your answers! It really did help. A lot of problems here at home. I'm really for not answering sooner.
  10. dedicated ark servers free I want to host a server for my friends and I on my pc but I don't want to rent a server. Is there a way I can host a dedicated crossplay ark server for free?
  11. Does anyone here know how to pick up a dino with an argentavis? I enabled the "allow flyer to pick up pve" and tried "EnableDinoCarry=true." I tried following the steps I found on google and the Ark wiki but I only end up killing them. Can anyone help? I'm a new player on a pc, single account.
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