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  1. Exactly... and our cluster has naked transfer for the first week after a dlc launch, so I'm not worried about losing anything precious and getting lost.. Exploration is gonna be more like a community venture, so if we all get lost, we'll get lost together and find our way back.
  2. I am just waiting for the map to drop asap so that I can download it with my potato internet and then jump right in to whatever it has in store
  3. Yes there is so much we dont know about yet
  4. I got my hopes up pretty high that this time it wouldnt be as broken as usual..
  5. Hopefully they wont Fingers crossed hehe
  6. I agree man.. How do you get the real ark experience without dying multiple times on your main cluster..
  7. Awesome! Jumping into a map, totally informed is the best decision anyone can make. Also hey if you're looking for a cool unofficial server you can always join us! Hmu at SirZen#3818
  8. That's actually a great idea to get started! Kudos man!
  9. Haha! Yes exploring would be one of my top priorities too! Just on a canoe... a little old fashioned that way
  10. What do you think you wanna do as soon as Genesis 2 drops? Other than fighting your way out of glitches... I'm pretty stoked about making a town center... and taking a canoe ride across the map
  11. If you had to choose one thing you're looking forward to the most... what'd it be? I want the canoe. :3 call me old fashioned haha
  12. I swear I'm losing my mind now that i know there'll be a new Giga variant
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