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  1. Well job, Wildcard! Question: Will all the Candy despawn after the event or will collected Candy stay in my storage? Also I like to have no Cryo sickness (in PvE). Is it gonna stay that way?
  2. The reaper pregnancy is not working since this week. The pregnancy timer is stuck at 4:00:00. Also the XP count for the baby is stuck at 0 (+0). On monday it did still work. The baby didnt come out, although I played at least 4 hours. Others were having the same problem.
  3. I wanna point out the awesome reimagined german translations, that one of the patches brought. Really thought out of the box. As for Genesis I'm waiting for legacy servers.
  4. Hey I bread managarmr for winter wonderland present hunt. I thought they were bugged when I logged in last week. They wouln't dive although having plenty of stamina. I searched and found they were made like this on purpose. Like many users said, I think manas are useless now and the time breading them in hind sight was wasted. Wildcard, have you gotten any positive feedback for that?
  5. I'd like boosted breeding, hatching, mating and good themes! Event dinos are always cool and unique skins! Give us some sugar
  6. I'm assuming PC is getting extended rates till friday aswell. Or is that supposed to mean, the event was delayed on console and will be extended on console only?
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