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  1. ike2

    Promo codes

    Promo codes What was the ark Promo Code for the june passloot? i forget i need it i lost all my stuff
  2. ike2


    You're a wizard!! i'll give it a go.
  3. ike2


    Thank you for the tip Friend. i beat the Broodgetrix. that was a cake walk other than the darn fast moving walls
  4. ike2


    see, i've tried killing the bosses but i don't have the right stuff and the traps make me mad. like now, i'm going to take on the beelzemorbus
  5. ike2


    See i saw that too maybe they got a head of themselves.
  6. ike2


    Megatherium Can someone please explain why there's an megatherium saddle but i can't find a megatherium on ark mobile?
  7. ike2


    Well isn't that peachy. also, how the heck to i find the Megatherium? they made a saddle for it in Ark mobile and i can't find it
  8. ike2


    Noctis this is making me very angry. how do i summon nocits? i see people taming new creatures and getting tek. no matter how hard i try, i can't get tek or tame or find noctis
  9. ike2


    yes it is on mobile my friend it's making me very angry that i can't obtain any tech
  10. ike2


    Dungeons How do we go back to "The Forbidden Crypt"? I want to play through it again and try to tame Noctis. Also, how does one find Noctis?
  11. ike2

    Admin Codes

    i know but why don't they have it for mobile?
  12. ike2

    Admin Codes

    Admin Codes Dear Ark, may you guys possibly add Admin codes for spawn commands and cheats? i've been playing ark for a while and i've been muddling about and i wish i could spawn in some pretty cool creatures from other platforms like a Thyla or a tek rex or a griffin. also, would it be possible for you guys to add the Center and Ragnarok to the map
  13. ike2

    mobile Ancient Amber

    got ya. thank you man!
  14. Purlovia Saddle, Thylacoleo @WarDrumJordan You Guys need to Add the thylacoleo. I Am Mad that the thylacoleo isn't in ark mobile. You guys need to add A saddle to the purlovia too. I am willing to be interested in this. I really want the Purlovia Saddle and the Thylacoleo. In the next update, i want to see the Thylacoleo and A saddle for the purlovia. i hope you guys consider my idea for the update.
  15. ike2

    mobile Ancient Amber

    Also, Where would one go to Obtain Such a Resource?
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