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  1. Skute

    Tames disapearing

    If the tame is still on the tame list, couldn't you just request it and it'd be delivered to your destination? I know you'd lose any inventory the tame may have but at least you've got peace of mind.
  2. Skute


    I dont use those types of kibble called basic, simple and superior, instead using the egg based kibble made for a specific dino. For example a rex will take scorpion egg kibble, a pachy takes dilo egg kibble and a pteranodon will take dodo egg kibble. Its all shown very concisely in the dododex app. If you dont have the app, download it immediately. The app isn't super accurate with amounts of kibble needed but you'll get the kibble recipe needed for just about every ark Dino..
  3. Skute

    Quetzal on mobile

    I tried the scorpion/argi method and it didn’t work for me. I dropped the scorpion accidently and then couldn’t re-find the quetzal. So i bit the bullet and decided to tame a griffen first and then use that to get a quetzal. The first try i killed the quetzal but lost it when i went down to retrieve its implant. A dino had got to it first. Still it was easy enough so im thinking thats gonna be my MO for getting one. Just gotta get to it before anything else does.
  4. Skute

    New creatures

    Its like everything else in life. Nothing worth having comes easy.
  5. The purple torpor bar was probably still maxed out. Let it drop to two thirds and then tap in twenty berries. If you can't do that, your game is broke.
  6. I played on easy settings for a while and only ever received a couple of ascendent bp's iwith ad generated gifts. I now play on the hard setting and all weapon and armour bp's are ascendent. So I guess the answer would be, yes.
  7. I like that, thats a good idea. Single player is ok but it would sure be good to be able to get another player on the map.
  8. Skute


    Like some people also want a tame button on the god console.. Personally I think it's just right, like I also think adding multipliers to cut out the waiting would be a step down. It mustn't be to easy and there has to be a form for jeopardy, otherwise what's the point in playing!?
  9. Skute


    I haven't tried a quetzal yet but the other mentioned dinos are no problems to tame....especially if you have the god console. Pteranodons can be bola'ed and knocked out. Argi's once agro'ed just fly in circles over you. Turn on invunerability and shoot trangs at it everytime it passes. Easy. Bronto's leg it when their health gets low so you just need to keep up with them, shooting trangs until they drop. Alternatively build a trap, agro your Dino and lead them into the trap...also easy. I haven't tried it yet but you can apparently tame a high level scorpion, put it on aggressive, pick it up with an argi and use that to trang a quetzal.
  10. If this forum isnt active, why bother ranting here?
  11. Confusion regarding kibble I understand that creating custom recipes isn't implemented on AM. I also kind of understand that we're restricted to pre-made recipes randomly acquired from slain Dino's. What I'm unsure of, is the recipe to amount of kibble ratio. Does one recipe equal one portion of kibble or can you stack the ingredients and produce multiple portions of kibble from one recipe? I have a few recipes for an egg based kibble. The instructions suggest experimenting with the ingredients. Would this then not be a custom recipe meaning it's not gonna fly on mobile or am I missing something?
  12. Agreed. It does get tedious multi-tapping. Especially when you carefully tap out so many thousand item names, only to discover half of your taps have been landing on the surrounding icons. My hands and fingers are normal sized I guess.......but those icon sure are small and placed tight together on an iPhone 6. Being right handed, my hand tends to covers the screen when I'm tapping the god console. I have to go slow and remove my hand after each tap if I want to catch the up scrolling confirmation text.
  13. Skute

    God Console

    Perhaps should have created a new post instead of necroing this one. That said, have you tried tapping “restore purchases” on the store screen? Edit: Incidently....your backpack (inventory icon) has always been on the swipe menu. Your god console has disappeared, it wasn't replaced by your inventory icon.
  14. Skute

    Mobile Lag

    I have an iphone 6s and experience no problems whatsoever with lag or crashes. Do you perhaps have other apps open while you play?
  15. Their tag would have told you who tamed them if they were tamed..
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