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  1. On casual If you have consumables and eerie element you will lose them all
  2. This is Royal Griffin that was added in the game a long time ago, is an exclusive animal of the mobile and to tame it you need to be in lvl 90 or buy the crown in the store
  3. skorpionk13

    Black Pearls

    Near the island of herbivores
  4. skorpionk13

    Black Pearls

    The tusoteuthis drops a lot of black pearl
  5. skorpionk13


    Yes and also will have jerboa, pegomastax and troodons
  6. skorpionk13


    make the swamp cave until you get the complete riot set and the ice cave to get the compound bow and the pump shotgun, if you play in the single player just save the game before you do the dungeon challenges and if you die, just restore the save game
  7. skorpionk13


    I think only in the next dungeon, they also added jerboa, pegomastax and troodons, I saw on the wiki
  8. skorpionk13


    you have 1 in 1000 chance of summon the Noctis instead of the Megapithecus
  9. so now we have the megatherium and the pegomastax I hope they have added more animals
  10. skorpionk13


    Has anyone seen the megatherium in the dungeon? I saw today that the developers added a megatherium saddle engram but I have no idea how to find it
  11. You can no longer tame the daeaodon, the dungeon has already expired
  12. Where did you find the megatherium? I completed the new dungeon and did not find it
  13. they added the pegomastax in the game?
  14. I like megalania because I like lizards and because this one can climb walls
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