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  1. ever 10 to 30 minutes my game crashes and will not allow me to log back in for about 15 minutes just keep's timing out on server selection screen had no issues since release until yesterday after patch and start of christmas event. Xbox series S Eu pve server 5334 Nat open Ping 21 Download speed 172mg Upload speed 42mg Packet loss 0%
  2. A bit of news on discord wouldent be a bad thing @wildcard We have not heard a peep from you since turkey trial was released !
  3. Random wild dino's spawning in my water base scared all baby's and juvy's out of range of troth and they died im getting tired of these 7 year old bugs that get fixed then on every event return with a vengeance
  4. For 5 years now this game has massive lag spikes even when not many players online its about time wild card invest in more advanced servers not the current amazon data servers do WC realy expect us to invest in atlas and other games in the future when they cant even get a game bug free after 5 years
  5. Just introduce a flag system a tribe of 1 gets 1 main flag and 2 secindary flags the main flag allows a player to build a base 20 by 20 foundations and the secondary flags allow you to build a out post 8 by 8 foundations then no more pillard lands. As a tribe you can choose to build a main base and either 2 trap's or 2 outposts or put all flags into 1 base
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