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  1. I had same issue but tried an old trick and the stuff appeared. So after you upload to ark data then come out and the look in ark data it shows nothing at the top click search bar don't type anything press back (if on xbox) and everything will appear once more
  2. I wonder if this has some thing to do with the massive amount of players that joined the servers on friday my server rag 915 went from avrage 20 online at peak to 71/70 i had to queue to log in and when online every 30 secs there was somone logging in and game would freeze for a min or 2 then mass kick and then repeats all weekend.And it was not legacy players as these players asked how to get food,hide,fiber and begging for dino's lol
  3. For 5 years now this game has massive lag spikes even when not many players online its about time wild card invest in more advanced servers not the current amazon data servers do WC realy expect us to invest in atlas and other games in the future when they cant even get a game bug free after 5 years
  4. Just introduce a flag system a tribe of 1 gets 1 main flag and 2 secindary flags the main flag allows a player to build a base 20 by 20 foundations and the secondary flags allow you to build a out post 8 by 8 foundations then no more pillard lands. As a tribe you can choose to build a main base and either 2 trap's or 2 outposts or put all flags into 1 base
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