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  1. Sorry to say dude,your incorrect about reapers being removed/deleted. On our pve server on genesis,there are loads of chinese tribes that STILL have reapers,and a unfair advantage over other players. They are constantly in the volcano farming element with ease also doing the gamma boss runs,while the rest of us have to clear out the area like a legit player should,and grinding to do the boss.
  2. Yep,agree totally with this,one word covers this entirely "Entitlement" i payed for the dlc,its says easy,so it should be,you can tell the players that have played abb,and those that have not. Learn to love the learning curve of a new map,stop wanting it given to you,without doing the work.
  3. i've noticed this too,wild dino spawns in snow and volcanic biomes reduced alot,makes finding tames and doing meat runs a pain tbh.
  4. I dunno what server you are on but, i've not seen anyone spam taming these on mine.
  5. I thought we could all do with a laugh! My tribe mate started breeding his new mating pair of 150 giant turtles and found out you can build on babys lol https://gyazo.com/afdfb4d26f07db1701ea96decc650860
  6. Go for movement speed,has helped me tons but yeah not a great map for starting,i agree with you on that point.
  7. Same over here,wanna re spec my 4 th character for genesis,says a crazy amount of days before i can use it >.>
  8. My tribe mate lost a ferox to this so called despawn bug,150 tame aswell,also after leveling it some,once it transformed back to its normal cudly self,it lost 55 levels straight away
  9. None,except the normal dinos like dodo's/rexs etc, no mana's owls or velo's thank god
  10. Damn dude,thats nasty,i can think of many ways to lose a anky,but that's just a sh1&y way to lose a nice tame,they need to get a move on and fix the new system >.>
  11. The troll bait is strong here................
  12. Best rage ever lol,tbh if you was serious about doing a alpha boss,most people do some kind of research before fighting a alpha,then you would have known this bug with the manticore has been around since noah shotguns and plenty of ammo is the way to go with the manticore my friend.
  13. Yeah this is a anti mesh bug,ive went through the cave 3 times when the mesh update was rolled out,lost 2 thylas,a wyvern,griffinand my pve kits i took with me thinking it was a laggy server but nope.You also only get a notice/message saying you killed yourself when you try to leave the cave,you kinda get to where you jump in the water and go through the small arches while swimming before the waterfall,and it teleports you back to the place where you jumped off,and then kills you. Not suprised they have not fixed this yet,more concerned with genesis and taking more money from us lol.
  14. Welcome to ark player support! They must be really overworked >.>
  15. All i can say is that you're really lucky, in 6.6k hours of playing ark ive seen way too many failed teleports because of those 2 reasons,you must be irish, cos you certainly have their luck
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