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  1. You are wrong it is curable. The catch is you actually have to make the cure as opposed to transferring off server. Cure is easy to make. Bad news about it persisting through transfer is it is spreading like wildfire among the bobs!
  2. That's just it my little friend, I did put in a petition a month ago to fix my character lost through no fault of my own. The very soonest this could be corrected was a month later which is in 2 days from today. I lost a character and had to start over and now 2 days before I have my imprints restored and my xp given back gaining xp is broken. Also I have over 200 cryopodded tames with 100% imprint that they said all needs to be thrown out in order to be imprinted back to my character. If I toss them all out to get my imprints back I cant put them back away... You call it crying, i call it being ripped off. I've waited a month patiently to have my issue fixed and if the new broken issues aren't resolved I'll have to wait another month for a new petition I'm sure... All this comes after losing everything 6 months ago to meshers. I turned those meshers in 2 full months before my main base got meshed and 3 days after i lost a year and a half of grinding to cheaters they banned the people who did it...there is a trending theme of too little too late going on here. Do you have room for an extra 200+ tames in addition to breeders, velos and essential tames at your base if you cant put any of them away after? Am I crying? I guess I am! I'll take that box of tissues along with a full refund for not only the game but the lost hours of time playing a game that gets more broken with each and every event thanks!
  3. You must work for wildcard...how about you get back to work on fixing your broken game or get a new job ? I paid for this game. I paid for the dlcs. I think I'll stick around and complain till they learn how to fix what I paid for! Winter Wonderland, what a joke! Why put out an update that is clearly so broken? When simple things like gaining xp in an xp based game isn't working could there have been any testing at all? Gg wildcard...
  4. So disappointed in this update. My tribe chose our base location based on the abilities and mechanics of the game before this broken event started. No cryopods mean no farming metal on ab...no farming element on extinction...no farming period really...if you lag out when logging in to your base you get a time out before you can lag out again...no experience can be gained at all...I'm stuck at level 101 on this new character...to top that off I lost my character to a roll back a month ago and it was supposed to get restored on the 19th! How you gonna restore my lost xp if xp cant even be earned anymore? GLORIOUS 2 thumbs down...fix this broken game please!
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