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  1. HLN-A missing animations? There are specific emotes that i use where HLN-A is missing her animation! like the laugh emote, also, her hologram "eye" is bugged out sometimes, can someone tell me of they are having the same problems, or is it only me?
  2. what about a TEK jet? diana used to have a military grade jet before the apocalypse started, maybe this is some sort of transport jet?
  3. TekARK

    Genesis Simulation

    on extinction there is no way to transfer dinos, OTHER than the tek "mini obelisk" wich i call it, maybe we can use that in genesis?
  4. TekARK

    Genesis Simulation

    yup, they can still die forever
  5. hahahahah true
  6. Seems like genesis will have alot of bug creatures!!!!! Cooool and AWESOME
  7. Yeah, i know i would be more than happy to have ALOT of new tek there is still much more tek we havent tried out from the ARK story
  8. Yeah but they said new structures? Like, structures like in crafting structures or structures as in base building structures? Maybe more tek structures?
  9. oh my god, im getting too EXITED!!!! its like the extinction chronicles, but with more hype!!!!
  10. sadly, wildcard will probably not have enough money and revenue to use when fixing the game, after genesis part 2 they will probably only be able to go so far before a new revenue model appears, a sequel, or something, we can just wait to see until 2021! but keep up the spitit, i like people like you who acctualy credit wildcard, Thumbs up!!
  11. well, no, she is supposed to be a main thing in GENESIS itself, outside, it'll probably show that you own genesis and support wildcard by trowing money at them
  12. i think the arrival of ROCKWELL, and aberration spreading across the globe, just a thought, but not the one i support the most with the "spreading" part
  13. Genesis, will it be filled with tek? ofcourse, we have seen the trailer, and we can obviously see, that genesis will have some TEK and element in it, even after/before the extinction events in a way, but will it be filled with tek? we can see that element has become easier to obtain over time and DLCs, but what about genesis, will genesis finally be this, "TEK based DLC" that some of us have been waiting for? and will genesis part 2 even be a survival DLC? will there be som sort of war maybe? maybe even MORE tests for our survivor!? i guess we may find out in some future live stream? i want to hear your thoughts!
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