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  1. the simulation might actually be simulating things from the real world, thus being able to simulate the whole colony ship. thought that still wouldnt make sence, as the colony ship in the simulation is actually broken and destroyed...
  2. rockwell is corrupting the simulation from the outside worl, letting his consciousness in and out whenever he'd like. he's still in his corrupt monster form, but his mind is still human. atleast we get to see helena and mei yin in genesis 2 judging by a secret little note they put at the end of the genesis credits.
  3. exactly. rockwell returned with aberration crash landing on earth. genesis 1 just kinda reveals his plan and what he might have in store for us once we return to the real world, outside the simulation.
  4. genesis happens after extinction, this can be confirmed as rockwell is back, now prepared to corrupt earth for the second time! the things the devs said back in august 2019 was just to not spoil much, but they didddd mention extinction's secret ending and how rockwell returned. thats exactly what he did in genesis 1
  5. i think it will be on a corrupted earth, as rockwell mentioned that he is constructing tools that will alter the very foundation of the planet. the new corrupted earth would be very different from extinction, as it would be filled with MOLTEN element. molten element acts and works really differently from CORRUPTED element. we already have confirmed that helena and mei yin will be two important characters in genesis part 2. so more human contect perhaps? a war for earth possibly? we'll just have to see. but i think genesis part 2's map will be a new earth, one that rockwell is altering and
  6. ITS NOT LATE, they did this on purpose so they can have a better and more smooth release, learn to read -_-
  7. I did, now steam has been put to search for missing files! I think this is working!
  8. I will go as far AS redownloading the game just to fix HLNA XD (i have no singleplayer saved anyways) but should i do it, maybe it will restore my missing files?
  9. HLN-A missing animations? There are specific emotes that i use where HLN-A is missing her animation! like the laugh emote, also, her hologram "eye" is bugged out sometimes, can someone tell me of they are having the same problems, or is it only me?
  10. what about a TEK jet? diana used to have a military grade jet before the apocalypse started, maybe this is some sort of transport jet?
  11. on extinction there is no way to transfer dinos, OTHER than the tek "mini obelisk" wich i call it, maybe we can use that in genesis?
  12. yup, they can still die forever
  13. hahahahah true ?????
  14. Yeah, i know i would be more than happy to have ALOT of new tek? there is still much more tek we havent tried out from the ARK story???
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