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  1. Good for you that you can get a teammates. I'm doing it solo. One time i can do it(often got no element from one or two Bosses) without a problem, but sometimes all my Rexes+Yuti dies because of this BUG. Wondering about stay on Val and do Bosses on The island or The Center. F***ing Manti...
  2. Right now i loose my 4th team of Rexes on Beta Valguero. This manti should be removed or forced to land sometimes. She flies down and up all the time, frozes uppon and landing for 1-2s only few times in 20 minutes. Shotgun(nerfed max 298%) can't harm her...I'm loosing hope to have good fights. And Rexes stats was: 80-85k HP + 2000% So they eat bosses quite nice.
  3. On Valguero official same. Can't use it. And another thing is, when i make something from BP like 266% and 291%, many times, all best is 298% all the time. Just stops at this point.
  4. Got same problem. Trying back to "normal" state to play and i can't use mindwipe.
  5. I would like to know that either.
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