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  1. What's the deal with Ark now? When I played back in the day, you could have a good time, you didn't rubber-band and bounce all over. The servers didn't crash regularly. The support was frankly a lot better. You can play other games with smaller teams and get more assistance when you place a ticket. I've had a ticket with Wildcard open for weeks, and to be honest, judging by most of the posts on these forums its a similar story. Official is frankly just unplayable. I am not sure how literally freezing in place every 5 minutes is an acceptable form of gameplay. Does anyone actually pay attention to what devs say? I know awhile back they changed the server save to every 15 minutes or something... but by god ... the lag that we experience that often is abominable. A great game... riddled by terrible developers, zero support, and frankly horrid performance. It's a shame people still support them when they don't care... I wish another company would buy them and fix it.
  2. I'm curious on the turret changes. I am not against improved tracking. I'd say something else to fix is the quetzal platform / paracer platform builds which avoid being attacked by turrets. Players claim its not against TOS, and it has become the new meta for attacking bases. Sure - you can build against it, albeit extremely inconveniently. A player needs only waste a little metal building a quetzal platform which allows him to fly into a base full of turrets un-hit so a player can then place C4 and they both back out unscathed to blow it. I am sure the devs have seen this plenty of times. I can't fathom its intended behavior, and I always applaud ingenuity for the most. On my old server we had some guys with a paracer build which could approach any base un-hit by turrets, so I am a little annoyed at how much they used it. Why wouldn't you? It's a free-win especially if nobody is online.
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