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  1. https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/654365759258230817/864951310410186813/unknown.png?width=968&height=545 The problem came back again... Can make Tek stryders can be not read as a creature with the platforms or idk.. I think tek stryders make problems with servers caps
  2. year 2022 + 50 delays.. so +2027.
  3. Why i cant and not only me, we cant place structures on Hover skiff ? Why are there more glitches after each patch? As you can see, even one structure i cant place on the hover skiff. -.-
  4. It clearly says you fixed the servers bugs/crash. so why in 30min we experienced servers crash 3 times and 3 times roll back ? (PVE -EU-Genesis part 2 - 990 )A few ppl from China will come in server and the server is arleady down. Do it once and rightly. Not to mention that you add bees to the server it should be from the beginning..
  5. Now are problem return in 180'. Servers have e.g. 65/70 or 63/70 etc. And cant join because is "full". My Alliance can play without problem but me... I wait just few hours for join in server. I don't pay for wait. Each DLC is endless shifts, delays and now it.. I thought that there was a surplus of players for server is the solution for everyone to enjoy the game but.. I dont understand why the OC servers are not full, but EU servers have full players from Oceania chat was inundated with "123": [] [] [] [] []... etc. and toxic behavior e.g. on 938 gen2 - someone build his base and (players
  6. 2022 hmm better in "winter 2025" or better... release genesis 2 later than ARK II XDD
  7. 26.05.2021? wow very fast as on WildCard which always translates FINAL dlc release dates. I think genesis 2 will be released in 2023 or "winter 2024" or + add yet 2-3years xDDDD it is joke. Ark II on 95% i don't buy lost only time. I want end genesis 2, kill alpha boss, tame all creature from this dlc and end with ark "1".
  8. I remember the early access time. And those dinosaurs. I only play for dinosaurs, although I use a strange creature or machine (hover skiff) but ARK should stick more to dinosaurs than aliens
  9. I left the servers with legacy allies exactly a year ago.. after the alpha titan king ark was beaten, it was boring.. and these regular legacy server deletions. My tips the sooner you start on official, especially when there is an event, the less you will regret it. And dinosaurs are easy to get because there is an exchange between players for raw materials such as the dust element. e.g. now there are 19k hp/ 755% - 775% giantosaurs on sale.
  10. Didn't they ever make pvp again? All creatures and things are weakened for pvp, where PvE suffers from it... Next aberration tree / exti tree what it is tree where we cant put tree platform and juice faucet... ? Imo. They can modify the PVP + ARK:SOFT in 1 production with mode primitiv+ / normal / TEK. Eg. servers with systems ark:soft but with pvp on 2 tribes (35 players vs 35 players) "divided into epochs" Primitiv+ (no technology), normal - assault rifle, sniper, granates, and TEK- tek weapons, tek saddles etc. I find it hard to describe because English is not
  11. 1. Take an interest in your other work ARK: Survive of The Fittest. Fix it, refresh it and advertise it. Make ARK:SOFT free game (battle royal) If people like this version increase the likelihood of buying a regular ARK by free player ARK:SOFT. ARK: SOFT, I remember when he was really great, winning items, cups were in regular ARK: Survival Evolved. Make special awards that will not be possible to win in regular ARK. Maybe red colour bp, saddles, armor, or new cosmetic skins e.g. corrupted costume skins for dino, tek raptor skin, tek stego skin, tek quetzal skin, tek trike skin or
  12. And it is Gun? Tek gun or Tek (genesis) cannon or new tek module for new creature similat to MEK ?
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