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  1. 2022 hmm better in "winter 2025" or better... release genesis 2 later than ARK II XDD
  2. 26.05.2021? wow very fast as on WildCard which always translates FINAL dlc release dates. I think genesis 2 will be released in 2023 or "winter 2024" or + add yet 2-3years xDDDD it is joke. Ark II on 95% i don't buy lost only time. I want end genesis 2, kill alpha boss, tame all creature from this dlc and end with ark "1".
  3. ok. I have news. Tek armor set is working when you are first naked on red biome and put it on again all tek armor set. When tek armor set stop radiation. But rly fix it.
  4. https://prnt.sc/wnql9a Problem is every new patch, when it is fixed, next patch again is the same problem. I try witch full repair, full fuel tek armor and still is problem. On x-mas event tek armor set stopping radiation. New patch, welcome back the same problems. it is near 1 years always every patch.
  5. Aberr Megalosaur the best dps on aberration (or now maybe MEK?) - but purlovia/karkinos can stun or grab you from saddle. But on Aberr Spino your are more save (pulorvia, karkinos cant stuns/grab you from saddle). Reaper king - Nice jumps, high mele similar to tamed megalos (but if u have high breeding /mutation megalos , megalos are better). I rember when Aberration was fresh DLC. Many ppl used Rock Drakes. Rock drakes for transport(stam/weight), another for fight(saddle armor + dmg), another for boss (hp/stam) so Drakes can be too for fight. Aberr Direbear - can be good
  6. I remember the early access time. And those dinosaurs. I only play for dinosaurs, although I use a strange creature or machine (hover skiff) but ARK should stick more to dinosaurs than aliens
  7. I don't like it. I don't see it on official Pve servers. If they had a way of taming what we would do with them. They will produce weapons/amunition, collect wood, berries, stone, metal, feed baby dinos? and such an issue. If it's a hybrid of human and reptile bottoms (it's just not possible and that's it) they lay eggs, are they pregnant? If they are intelligent, they should not be tamed. For example, we already have with old rock drake or wyvern, we can't tame them (I don't count the crystal island) but we have to steal an egg and the young take us as a parent. the only option I see is f
  8. The idea seems to be pretty cool, even if it wouldn't do anything but fly. But in my opinion, the Ark should go towards its original version. I bought this game without thinking because I saw dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures. And because of the dinosaurs, I love the Ark. But with every addition, weird creatures are getting newer and newer. It has its charm too, but too much of it. However, I prefer dinosaurs, which may not be different from each other, do not have to have some special things like deino, torpezo, spino, etc. They can be similar to each other like a regular giga, r
  9. kill 1 coelath on start is working. thx for tip
  10. If you have a location or clues, please share. I was trying my amateurish way (like everything else) and she was penetrate the structure on skiff & skiff
  11. I left the servers with legacy allies exactly a year ago.. after the alpha titan king ark was beaten, it was boring.. and these regular legacy server deletions. My tips the sooner you start on official, especially when there is an event, the less you will regret it. And dinosaurs are easy to get because there is an exchange between players for raw materials such as the dust element. e.g. now there are 19k hp/ 755% - 775% giantosaurs on sale.
  12. IMO ARK:Survival of the fittest (or ATLAS xDD) make for free than ARK:Survival Evolved. ARK:SOFT had potential, in total it can still have it, the awards would have an impact on ARK:Survival evolved, it would surely encourage the community to buy the ark. But now ppl make 4 x epic games accounts each with free ARK and sow cancer on the servers. but first you have to take care of your other product.
  13. It amuses me that new players come in and want free stuff/dinosaurs because they're new "because they deserve". Today it's a DireWolf because most servers want free dinosaurs. What is the point of playing ARK to get it for free? They already got enough for free - Ark itself
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