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  1. Didn't they ever make pvp again? All creatures and things are weakened for pvp, where PvE suffers from it... Next aberration tree / exti tree what it is tree where we cant put tree platform and juice faucet... ? Imo. They can modify the PVP + ARK:SOFT in 1 production with mode primitiv+ / normal / TEK. Eg. servers with systems ark:soft but with pvp on 2 tribes (35 players vs 35 players) "divided into epochs" Primitiv+ (no technology), normal - assault rifle, sniper, granates, and TEK- tek weapons, tek saddles etc. I find it hard to describe because English is not my language, but there are plenty of opportunities to be original.
  2. 1. Take an interest in your other work ARK: Survive of The Fittest. Fix it, refresh it and advertise it. Make ARK:SOFT free game (battle royal) If people like this version increase the likelihood of buying a regular ARK by free player ARK:SOFT. ARK: SOFT, I remember when he was really great, winning items, cups were in regular ARK: Survival Evolved. Make special awards that will not be possible to win in regular ARK. Maybe red colour bp, saddles, armor, or new cosmetic skins e.g. corrupted costume skins for dino, tek raptor skin, tek stego skin, tek quetzal skin, tek trike skin or new tek skin serries (allo, anky etc.) for winners? You are dealing with weakening creatures, instead of repairing your other works, which were great but are neglected. There's even graphics, an interface from early access equipment, and no one's playing there, which is a shame. There are a lot of possibilities. 2. Managrmr (i dont like this creature but...) imo get too much nerf. the promoted DLC extinction content is currently a scam for potential buyers. (in link ARK: Extinction Expansion Pack Launch Trailer! in 1:58 the managrmr make jump + freezing below the creatures is shown. At the moment it is not possible to repeat what was on the movies (before the first weakening was able to do it, but next nerfed - aggro of other creatures (scorpion, pulorvia carno generally everything), where rockdrake or wyverny is practically nothing creatures start atack. My suggestion extending the icy breath to the range similar to Lighting wyvern or little longer.
  3. other dinosaurs or what? it doesn't depend on the predators, because the Aberrant Paracetharium doesn't belong to them and is not injured. Roll rats isnt aberrant mammals and it's understandable that he's getting hurt, so such infusions of mushrooms should be for such unmutated creatures. mushroom infusion is not the solution in the face of this mess. IMO let's be consistent because either there are aberrant creatures resistant to radiation or there are no. The same goes for the basilisk. Wild basilisk have resp on red zone, but tamed get dmg by radiation That's also weird. Non-aberrant creatures eg. Extinction/TheIsland should be injured and that's how it happens and for them there should be solutions with a mushroom infusion. Radiation also destroys "machines" - Scout, Enforcer, MEK. Interestingly, MEK protects our character from radiation when he can eat a mushroom infusion and is not injured. it's a shame that you don't charge a component from toxic water like tek armor set ;/.
  4. Aberrant Ankylosaur in Red Zone Aberrant Ankylosaur get dmg in Red zone by radiation. normal ankylosaur too (but it i understand on 100%, why lost hp..), but another dinos. eg. normal megalosaur, spino, paracer lost hp in red zone but aberrant version can live in red zone. so.. Aberrant Ankylosaur have a bug with it.
  5. and this is not to be treated as a report. Thank you.
  6. NA-506 Spawn Point. Can anyone tell him he's blocking the point weld? I dont want send report.... I'm not malicious. But.. whoever's playing on this server (PVE- NA-Extinction 506) tell him to get out of it because there's no way out of his base. Links to SS:
  7. I think the big turtle will be like titans from extinction/ titanosaur.... Tame for 24h and can be only 1 on the map.. May I be wrong!
  8. Disappears - Corrupted Avatars skins Corrupted avatar pants, and Corrupted avatar boots, disappears when u move in invectory to another invectory (pet,box etc.). Similar problem with homodeus skins... With disappers Homodeus skins, i can understand, it is an exaltation, not everyone can achieve it, but is also annoying... Corrupted avatar helmet skin dont have this problem... It is normal skin and it is cool. But other C.Avatar skins disappears can be repair after all, this is not a free skin and could even function normally just like the other skins.
  9. broken fish baskets, if i tamed fresh fish e.g. sabertooth, piranha or another fish. I dont have tamed fish. dissapear... The same problem is if you faster tamed fish or laprey and load to cryopod. When u summon to have dissapear...
  10. Similar is on primitiv+ but only message...
  11. i use it for red osd/purple osd on extinction. Nice traps for stop engarded alpha trike ! ordinos to stego/trike size
  12. And it is Gun? Tek gun or Tek (genesis) cannon or new tek module for new creature similat to MEK ?
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