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  1. Similar is on primitiv+ but only message...
  2. i use it for red osd/purple osd on extinction. Nice traps for stop engarded alpha trike ! ordinos to stego/trike size
  3. And it is Gun? Tek gun or Tek (genesis) cannon or new tek module for new creature similat to MEK ?
  4. Dermis skin (taxidermy) from all dinos (event, corrupted, aberr, tamed ,wild etc.) for costume tamed dinos. E.g. Corrupted wyvern dermis = costume for tamed wyvern. zombie dodo dermis = costume for dodo dodorex dermis = costume for rex etc.
  5. or alternately every two weeks that the event has this value and not get bored after 2-3 months.
  6. I apologize for my English, but it is not my native language I like all but i would like new dinosaurs (I buy ark few years ago for only dinosaurs). I like skins for saddles/ dinos etc. or rare dinos e.g. Zombie, unicorn(now Unicorn u can tame on Valguero). Ark chronicles get new skins for bronto (brachiosaur) trike, and pachy (why not add 3 new dinos? They dont must give special attak another than bronto/trike/pachy ...) I remember x-mas event + new years, halloween, (summer event i dont remember because i m Lifeguard on Beach :l ) My suggestion is add new unique dinos (e.g. zombie dodo, wyvern) although unique skins for dino. I like to collect in this game. "DLC Anniversary Events" e.g. Extinction and giveaway corrupted dino skins for normal dinos(simmilar to character for armor) (corrupted spino for normal/aberr spino , corrupted stego skin for normal/aberr/tek stego (corrupted tek stego must look amazing!) Corrupted Reaper king skin for Reaper king, corrupted rex skin for normal/tek rex., corrupted giga skin for giga etc) Similar with bone skeleton skins or bionic for dinos. Another thing, you could do something for forgotten dinosaurs (e.g. Pve) I will not speak on pvp because i do not play there. I preferred ARK: Survive of the fittest (which I will mention soon)... Liopleurodon is very rare water short-necked plesio. U tamed with honey, it's hard with him, and he only has 30 minutes (for me it is stupid) but you can associate events with him e.g. Tame him and in invectory plesiosaur i can found special items/skins/blueprints/ (maybe cryopod with special dino?- dodo xD) etc. Titanosaur on PvE. it would be cool to see a titanosaur at extinction among other titans I think that he would be tame faster by small / medium clans than on others servers. Extinction Titans are often dead or tame. But titanosaur no one tames him, which I think is harder and more expensive to tame than extinction titans. My suggestion - add titanosaurs to extinction,island,center,valguero (maybe not abber because little space) during the event tame titanosaur, eats berries / kibbles and may be few titanosaurs for time event (end event - titanosaurs auto-decays), and more titanosaurs than 3 on the map (normal spawn similar to giga). do new things, but as unique as it once was ! ARK:Survive of the fittest - i very like it. you win = you get skins to normal ark ! E.g. cups (on legacy servers i have all cups (all versions)) ARK:SOFT still have that really had potential. just motivate the players for prizes in a normal ark(winner tribe in ARK:SOFT have in normal ARK x2 breeding time for 1-2 day include that everyone will start playing ARK: SOFT lmao XD) or make on steam event - ARK:SOFT free for weekend etc.
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