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  1. Ok so the other day, I had 12 eggs to transfer. I left them on the server overnight and tried to transfer them the next day. None of the eggs came over. So I don't think it's a certain amount of saves or anything like that. I decided to do another test with server resets. I got some ice eggs last night. The servers restarted today for 301.3. I had 14 eggs to bring over. I first tried w/ 3 eggs. I bought them all over just fine. I went back for the 11 left over eggs. They all also came over just fine. So I can't say for sure w/o testing another server restart, but I can say on this test, I had 14 eggs sit overnight in a fridge, the server had a restart today. I went to the Valg server and was successfully able to bring all the eggs over there I had over to Island. 100% of transferred eggs came over! This may be a nice way to get some over, if others can test this as well.
  2. I'm getting eggs over to Island. But it's still hit or miss. I don't know why yet some come and some don't. I'm trying to find something that makes it 100% guaranteed that one will come over.
  3. Who knows, anyway, thanks for responding all. Happy Arking!
  4. Ok this time I have 6 again, all Ice Wyv eggs. 1 170, 1 90, 1 50, 1 85, 1 95, 1 25. All going from Valg to Island. Server save happened. I'm transferring. I get to island. No eggs at all. So it's hit or miss? Strange. Very strange.
  5. Ok this time I'm trying a lvl 20 and a lvl 45 egg. I'm going from Valg to Island. Both of those came over ok.
  6. So I just brought 6 eggs with me as a test. They were on my body. 1 lvl 20, 1 lvl 50, 1 lvl 100, 1 lvl 95, 1 lvl 150, 1 lvl 160. Only 4 of them made it over. I lost the 160 and the 20. They were all ready to come after a save. Seems like a hit or miss. I'm scared to bring the 190 and 170 event ones. The parents looked so cool!
  7. Another thing you can add to your list. If you derm an Ice Wyv on Valg, you can not display it. Also change the Wyvern eggs vanish to (if you upload them in Ark Data Folder) but if you keep it on your body and transfer, it does transfer over. I have tested this with low eggs 3 separate transfers and it works fine. Eggs are cooking on Island from Valg. I'm going to test hatch, pod, unpod on Island. Then pod, take to Valg, unpod, pod, see if I can bring it back to island. I will update
  8. Confirmed. Took lvl 50 Ice Wyv egg on me to Island server. It's cooking now. Wow. Thanks for the advice! So, don't upload it. Keep it in inventory and transfer with it on your body!
  9. Ya they normally all fall down. I mean I'm talking I had 50 female rexes mate. EVERY egg stayed in their butt. Like no gravity. Same w/ my 30 fem gigas. Not stuck from poop, I know what you mean about that. It was pretty crazy. It only did that for about a few hours though, even happened to others on the server. Then just magically went away after a few hours and everyone's eggs were hitting the ground again. Strange, very strange!
  10. But they hatch on other servers?
  11. Wondering the same thing here! We have event eggs/pods to move over but won't till this is fixed
  12. Same thing is happening to me. Transfer egg from Valg to any other server but Valg, you can't. Egg poofs. bye bye. Hatch egg on valg, nice wyv, cool! Pod it up. Take it to any other server bug another Valg. Can't deploy and has a Raptor icon for the Ice wyv. Also, another thing. Kill anything on Valg, take the derm, you can take it and display it. Derm an Ice Wyv from Valg, you do get a derm, but it looks "different." Guess what? Of course you can't display this either! So strange!! I wonder if this bug has been reported? Surely it has? I'm surprised they haven't answered this yet!
  13. They fixed it. No, my eggs have always dropped to the ground. All the way. They were floating in the dino when this happened. All dinos. Rex, giga, bronto. Had to use a whip to get them. It's fixed now though. Phew!
  14. Honestly, they should extend the time....... Our server was hit with about 7 crashes in total. each one was a long downtime. With rollbacks AND crashes, we were out of 6 hours of gameplay. That's 24% of the 25 hour event. That's insanely bad. Insane!!! They should make up the time. That's not fair. I know it was a charity event and it was awesome to watch all the donations! Freaken awesome over $85,000 donations! That's beautiful. I'm not taking away from that. When you promise a "25 hour event" you should be able to play the freaken event. This was horribly executed and planned. They knew servers would be swamped. Didn't get them ready for it. RAM is cheap, SSDs are cheap. Come on!!!! Make up the time somehow. Do 4x for the rest of the event. Something!
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