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  1. we have had well over 24 hours downtime on Island 46 during the event. This is just stupid. That's 72 hours of raising on (24 hours on 3x). Wow. Just wow so much wasted time.
  2. Why the heck was my topic merged and changed? they didn't like the name?? Wow.
  3. Yes they need to redo a lot of things. It seems like very poorly managed teams and focus.
  4. That is very true. Good point. I think they just need to get their Management team together and read what people are saying. I mean people are bashing these crashes and horrible servers left and right. Don't they see this? I mean I know I would if I was a Dev of what should be a successful fun game!
  5. Exactly they keep "boasting" more and more players. So really, it's just more and more pissed off people??
  6. We ARE moving off of 46 because it's been months and months of so much lost time, dead dinos, sitting around doing nothing. I hate it. Such good people there. Freaken WC! Please start fixing your stuff! Please!
  7. lol. I mean they could be great if they got their management team together and fixed some things!!
  8. Is WC / Ark the new Apple of gaming? Force moving to new servers by crashing old I can't believe this. Island 46 PVE Official PC was down 9 hours the other day! Now it's been almost 12 hours since the last crash. What in the world is going on WC? I mean this game isn't even playable and fun anymore. I know, I know. My choice to play it right? Over a years worth of playing, raising dinos, we have TONS of stuff. Hard to give all that up when you think of the time put into the game and honestly Ark is fun! But it's getting so horrible right now. Crazy!!! All severs seem to be worse since Genesis. Is that on purpose to force people to move to Genesis? Is WC the new Apple of gaming??? Forcing people to play Genesis because their servers are "accidentally" getting worse and WC is saying nothing about why that's happening? What gives? I see so many more complaints about how horrible servers are. And really, some going down 5+ hours, 10+ hours. What's going on?? There are no answers at all from WC!
  9. You and me both. My server has been down for almost 12 hours now. 12 hours!!!! The other day was 9 hours. It's been getting so much worse!
  10. NO more Pod timers on PVE!!! Thank you! Holy crap! No more Cryopod timers on PVE!! What a game changer. Seriously. Cut down on lag, less dinos out ready to be pregoed, less dinos out for boss fights. No more worrying about feeding boss teams. Faster to unpod than to leave them out and move them around in place. What a freaken concept. FINALLY! You know how much time this will save? How much lag it will actually save across all servers? Just wow, finally! Something promising in a change! Good lord, took long enough. THANK YOU!
  11. It's just horrible planning. We see this EVERY event with increased breeding times. Like come on, you know every server is going to have 10,000 tames out leveling up cause it's increased. Bump up system resources, come on!
  12. I'm on both sides of the fence here. I do think it should be extended because of the horrible server statuses. But I also deep down inside hope it's not extended because of the horrible server statuses. It's almost like meet in the middle. Don't extend the 3x, but extend the EVENT for colors and items. That would be a great way to meet in the middle there.
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