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  1. If you've played since 2015. And update failure like this, you know it's going to be more than a few mins :P. I'm just picking on you anyway. I guess we are all just bored now that Ark is down and we actually have to go do RL stuff now. I forgot how to talk to real people! haha
  2. Na, I know what you're saying. It's pretty crappy to deal with all of this though. Not for me. For everyone. This has got to be embarrassing for someone at WC. I mean, this is bad. This is like newbie database admin, first time job, bad. These guys make bank, it's a very popular game. I guarantee they are paid very well. This is very embarrassing for a company like this.
  3. You'll have a rollback, you just better be sure you get on as soon as it's back!!
  4. Yes, this is exactly what I said. It's Thanksgiving, people are with families, prob just checking on stuff and leaving for hours, checking back. They are the ones that will be screwed. There will be a rollback. Sucks for them
  5. Good luck with that Although, they have extended events due to problems. They should at least do that. They probably will.
  6. Oh I can only imagine. Yes, I know how rollbacks work. I was a database system admin for 12 years. I did a few myself. I'm just hoping the saves are not corrupted. Knowing WC, they probably are.
  7. Exactly. I was sitting in the base just prego by a reaper like an hour before the update. I really hope they don't do a long rollback. 150 prego!
  8. Not if the patch was broken. It will be a longer rollback.
  9. You can but guess what? They won't be podded. Messed up update is always a rollback. Your dinos will still die if you don't get back on RIGHT after the update.
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