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  1. Ced left this thread to die, exactly like his mod, don't expect anything, and use other mods supported and made by people that actually care about this game. That's the closest way you will get to a primitive point of game-play. WC is busy making the next DLC to suck more from the milking cows they dare to call "our players". SHAME !
  2. You hate having to redo something you've already done ? Try playing P+ for 3 years, and if you still stay in the game, thumbs UP !
  3. Damn right, this is the most accurate post in the whole thread, only people that are struggling with this DLC will be affected, I am struggling now for 2 years with this mod, just because in my opinion, that's how ark should be, primitive and prehistoric.
  4. IF you get the right to an opinion anyone should The best option "we" have right now, is to leave primitive plus where IT IS, and FIX IT ! Instead of creating more work , that will be left unfinished(as P+) how about you people start where you left off in 2017 ? Fix the damn DLC, and make it a bit more stable on all platforms, over all servers, is that really harder than changing the whole setup of the DLC ? or the word FIX, is something nobody related to WC knows ?
  5. Yep, just like Ced did the DLC when he launced, it came out and that was it, nobody every touched, fixed or anything. Now this thread is from March, who wants to bet we won't get any news until xmas or next year ? No hate here, but prove me wrong ? I am tired of abandoned projects and false hope, especially when I enjoy something like P+ so much.
  6. I don't see how you can integrate this into the main game since the game uses it as a total conversion mod, disabling many of the core features of the game. I do think this should be made into an official mod, take as example Survival Plus, it works really well, or used to work really well until Val launched. Though its not sponsored, it works better than P+ 1000 TIMES ! I hate the fact that a game like ARK, which is supposed to be ancient/primordial/prehistoric or in prehistory, has guns, AR rifles, aliens, ufo's, tek gear and other things like that. I understand that its something cool for some players, but there's a lot of people like me, craving for a primitive way of playing the game...being man vs beast or man vs nature, trying to evolve, grow, learn etc. For months actually, for years now, we have to put up with constant struggles when using P+, it never got a stable update, there's no help for it, there's no forums, there's nothing, just empty promises. I know this is going to sound harsh Mr. Ced. but how about you first FIX your own DLC and make it a bit more stable, before making such posts, and making us vote where we see P+ in the future. This DLC was forgotten and abandoned since 2017, I think we prefer it to work as it is now, than giving us false hope to make it a mod or include in the main game or so on. We don't want this thread to be opened in 2025, I mean why start more work ? when you have a ton of unfinished work already. This is the single fact I never liked about Wild Card, other than that hats down. All in all I think everyone will be happy if you fix P+ as it is today, and make it functional over all maps and type of servers.
  7. Anyone made this work with HDR ? I am really curious to see this map with HDR. Consoles might get the map on 4th of July.
  8. 1:I guess it will support any game mode. 2:Golems tame on PC the old fashion way, rockets in his ass, on Val, just tamed an ice one, but Im on a pvt server though. 3:anybody know a confirmation date for console ? 1st july or so people from my ps4 cluster stopped playing until this is up, its really fun on PC but console deserves the love as well.
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