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  1. I think this animal is an hybrid or a new dino for the new biome, the desert
  2. Annunaki mod and badass mod comes too to the program?
  3. First on Xbox no? i dont think only ps4 have SOTF...
  4. The toads dont have claws and dont have the claw of the back
  5. Maybe but i think there is new boss to the new boss arenas or tek caves ascension? probably, by the way i think is not a boss so ark need a water boss
  6. Guys, in the game hace snow biome, swamp biome... and the desert biome?? this reptile probably live in these biome D:
  7. Gastonia is similar to ankylo, see that face, is a lizard!!
  8. Is not a pangolin guys, the face and the body of this dinosaur are similar to a lizard, probably giant barbed dragon or poison lizard? the spikes are very interesting...
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