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  1. Server performance has been atrocious since december few months ago can't imagine how bad genesis is going to be.
  2. yeah a few ext servers also went down last night as well seems to be happening frequently lately.
  3. Actually tried using the pelagornis but still need a rod XD
  4. How do you get the event items using a pelagornis?
  5. So chocolate you can get my mating your dinos i guess thats a plus other than fishing.
  6. ONLY FISHING FOR EVENT ITEMS? Fishing is the only way?
  7. Same here NO XP with a maxed xp dino, what a waste of time.
  8. BornSlippy

    NO XP

    NO XP I am getting 0 XP while farming red OSD.
  9. snow owl healing How do I increase the snow owls healing what is the best way?
  10. Did you check both servers to see if either character are there?
  11. ark uninstalled itself on me for the 4th time, the game is just a mess in general not sure id have any advice for you except maybe switch maps?
  12. EXT 455 major crashes constant crashes and freezing DILO is going on?
  13. Cannot transfer rock golems and wyvern eggs Is this still bugged??
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