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  1. purple is in the event its just for whatever reason orange seems to be popping up alot more than purple for me at least.
  2. Halloween Event Bugs Candy corns sinking into the ground, very little skeleton dinosaurs spawning in at least for aberration.
  3. BornSlippy


    Megaloceros? Has anyone tried transferring deer to aberration? Just wondering if I would be able to raise them there.
  4. I had wyvern eggs disappear and rock golems wont deploy when transferring out of valguero. Also rock golem icon on the cryopod is changed to raptor.
  5. Same happened to me cannot transfer wyvern ice eggs.
  6. Tamed an ice rock elemental today. Transferred it to Ext. server and will not deploy and the cryopod icon was changed to a raptor.
  7. Wyvern egg transfer Picked up a few wyvern eggs today on Valguero and they were gone from on my inventory when i went back to my ext server. Are we not able to take wyvern eggs out of valguero?
  8. tapejara leveling best points to spend on a tapejara? im guessing theyre not really for damage dealing?
  9. BornSlippy

    public trap

    Genius idea thanks.
  10. BornSlippy

    public trap

    public trap any public water traps on center to tame a water dino or 2 then leave?
  11. If you get really close to the dino and shoot them in the nostrils they'll die quicker
  12. BornSlippy

    Missing items

    Me and my friend both have separate tribes and are solo so not possible for a tribemate to be doing it but I will try the inventory trick if something happens again.
  13. Agree. You have 2 or 3 people on an entire server with pillars who never play only login to restrict new players coming in. This is ruining new player experience. Get rid of the pillar issue asap.
  14. BornSlippy

    Missing items

    Missing items My friend cryod some dinos and put them away in the cryofridge only to return the next day and not able to find them. They just vanished. I thought hmmm how could that be possible. Well a few hours later i went offline with my tek gear on me. Came back and my tek shoes were gone. Anyone else having the same issue with items gone missing or deleted not sure?
  15. BornSlippy

    Owl wind-up?

    Owl wind-up? What was the purpose of increasing the duration of the owl wind-up? Taking more time to heal a dino. It's not horrible WC did this but it kinda sucks.
  16. Which map has gachas? Because ive spent hours upon hours today and not one gacha has popped up holy s.............
  17. How do I install a mod and which mod?
  18. Complete King Titan Alpha No skins Completed Alpha KT and received the cool cut scene and implant but no skins....
  19. Reinstall? Woke up this morning, hit the ark icon and i get "you are about to install ark survival etc." Um what happened? Somehow ark was uninstalled without my knowledge?
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