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  1. Help to deal with DDOSers A tribe has moved into the OC-PVP-TheIsland-97 server and is DDOSing when not active or whenever I have tried to attack them. They have built a large base in the Hard Underwater artifact cave. They are also attacking players from under the map and using these techniques to search for bases. I have recorded them DDOSSing as soon as I did a suicide C4 attack (knowing they would DDOS immediately) and also typing in chat that they would be searching under the map for my base. Can anyone tell me what I can do? Thanks.
  2. I'm solo on official pvp and I haven't been raided in almost a year. Stealing poop from megas is my bread and butter. Stay hidden, get someone to make you a cryofridge with some pods then live outta a vault with some open crafting stations. Cryopods made solos OP. Sure you can't fight large tribes head on but you'll catch them slipping plenty of time. Almost all my stuff and tames are stolen. 100% can be done, just use your head and don't play like the crowd.
  3. I killed an enemy lvl 247 mana without taking a hit of damage. Set 5 c4 on ground in front of me, blew them up as mana came to get me after a bit of taunting. Killed rider and almost mana. Ran to hidden box, grabbed gear uncryo'd lightning wyvern. Watched rider run from his base back to mana, whistling like crazy and then he got on mana where he proceeded to dash around like an idiot in a panic trying to avoid my lighting blast. He ran out of stamina and i wasted them both with lightning. Tip the balance to your favour.
  4. I tried cryopodding a baby wyvern in single player when it needed imprinting. When you pop it back out the imprinting timer resets and you miss the imprint. That isn't going to work then.
  5. Ok thanks guys. So let me get this right because I've put too much effort into doing this right so far and I don't want to mess this up: 1. Before event - cryopod dino when it wants imprinting. 2. Once event is underway - uncryo and then imprint as usual (after 8hrs). It will gain 3x maturity and 3x imprinting. Either cryopod again or continue raising.
  6. But will I be able to imprint completely? If imprinting is still every 8hrs and maturing is 3 times faster, wont i miss out on some imprinting? Or is imprinting percentage tied to maturation rate?
  7. Hi, I've been solo raising two wyverns on pvp officials, they are both about half done and i haven't missed an imprint. I have been cryopodding directly after imprinitng, so that i can raise it when relatively safe. If I take advantage of the x3 mature will this cause me to not be able to 100% imprint? With/without cryopodding? Is the imprint timer now shorter to accomodate faster maturing? Will cryopoding reset timer to 8hrs instead of shorter time? Should I wait to raise my dragons if I want 100% imprint? Thanks.
  8. I'm a solo player playing on officials. I have a job and kids and it's taken me a year of playing and I've become strong enough to compete (on some level) with alphas. I live out of a couple of 3x3 & 2x2 hidden bases (no turrets or defences) and some hidden vaults. Apart from my backup base (found by accident) I haven't been found in 7 months with multiple large tribes searching and a couple close calls. I managed to get an alpha tribe to build me a cryofridge and i've scavanged about 80 cryopods. I utilise abandonded bases and have even raised wyverns in them. I can raid my server with impunity and have earned the respect of larger tribes, to the point where they will cooperate with me. I do raid small and medium tribes around a wide zone surrounding my areas and wipe them completely to keep the server population low, this has helped with my survival, it's kind of toxic but I have to do this to survive. I collect high lvl bp's for trade. I've managed to sit in on some boss battles and even participated in some successfully. It has been hard and i've played smart and certainly been lucky but solo can be done.
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