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  1. Will sign this. Have to try and keep the pressure up. I've been posting about this, splitscreen tether removal, non dedicated/dedicated hosting for all maps etc. for years and never get any dev response or answers. I've bought 5 PS4s and a PS5 and own 3 copies of Ark digitally, played more than 5000hrs and I love this game but I'm so disappointed with this... Just lets us know whether we will ever get it or not on PS5, please.
  2. Goodluck with that. I've been asking this question for years. Also asking about the PS5 upgrade... I only get silence in return.
  3. What happened to the PS5 enhancement patch? Microsoft happened. WC shafting PS users. It's been over a year since the Xbox patch.
  4. What does the gestation boost/buff option do in the egg incubator?
  5. After the Lost Island update, wingsuits no longer function.
  6. So can Xbox Series X host Gen 1&2 Dedicated?
  7. So I am just curious about the next gen enhancement patch for the XBOX. I have heard that when hosting a Non-Dedicated server, the 'no tether' only applies to the circumstance when there are less than two players on the server - more than two and the tether is re-implemented. Is this true? Do you guys XBOX X guys have the ability to host a dedicated server for Gen1 or 2? I'm sure these features were promised at some stage but it appears like their full implementation on consoles will never happen. I own a PS5, PS4 Pro and 3 PS4's - all bought so that I could host a dedicated server for Ark and play with my family, across all of the DLC maps. I was hoping that we would see these features implemented for Playstation, as stated, but I appear to have been mislead. I really just want the ability to host and play maps, that I have purchased, in a game that I purchased multiple times, on console that I have also purchased multiple times, for the express purpose of doing so. The lack of communication and seemingly misleading statements from devs has been disappointing. Been waiting years to see these features...
  8. No news on talked about enhancement. Previous forum posts on this moved and then deleted. What is going on? Is this WC's way of saying the update will not come to PS5? Could we at least get dedicated server hosting for Gen 1 & 2?
  9. I tried cryopodding a baby wyvern in single player when it needed imprinting. When you pop it back out the imprinting timer resets and you miss the imprint. That isn't going to work then.
  10. Ok thanks guys. So let me get this right because I've put too much effort into doing this right so far and I don't want to mess this up: 1. Before event - cryopod dino when it wants imprinting. 2. Once event is underway - uncryo and then imprint as usual (after 8hrs). It will gain 3x maturity and 3x imprinting. Either cryopod again or continue raising.
  11. But will I be able to imprint completely? If imprinting is still every 8hrs and maturing is 3 times faster, wont i miss out on some imprinting? Or is imprinting percentage tied to maturation rate?
  12. Hi, I've been solo raising two wyverns on pvp officials, they are both about half done and i haven't missed an imprint. I have been cryopodding directly after imprinitng, so that i can raise it when relatively safe. If I take advantage of the x3 mature will this cause me to not be able to 100% imprint? With/without cryopodding? Is the imprint timer now shorter to accomodate faster maturing? Will cryopoding reset timer to 8hrs instead of shorter time? Should I wait to raise my dragons if I want 100% imprint? Thanks.
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