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  1. What are you going to be using those ingots for? Making Nobel Peace Prize medallions?
  2. I think in pvp it's not against the rules, same as blocking caves.
  3. On OC/ASIA servers my ping is btwn 15-40. I play mostly on NA PVP and my ping is 90-100. I experience a slight delay on NA servs but it's not unplayable in any way. I think the problem is in PVE everything is just stupid built up with tons of dinos everywhere and this causes the lag. I know ppl would hate it but there probably has to be a build limit on PvE and/or reduce player amounts. Honestly, I don't get why people play PvE. I've taken a walk around before, just to see and it's ridiculous.
  4. What platform and modes do you play? In 3 years I've never experienced this but I've only ever played pvp official on ps4. Is this a pve thing? Are you on your closest region servers?
  5. I smashed two guys in meks last night, i'll upload the video. One I got myself. The other I tagged teamed with a mate of mine. Meks are trash comapred to a giga, which you can steal pretty easy by ambushing at obs, or you can wait for an event to raise two or three of them at once - if you can trade or steal aome eggs.
  6. Here one of my sneak attacks I found They were harrassing some bobs on my server:
  7. I lost a lot of vids and screens as I've had to reinstall my system software twice on my PS4. Once because of RDR2 freeze and the other was a power outage just 3 weeks ago. But I trawled through old msgs and some vids that I had upload to my comp. Here's what I got. Other than that there's no real way to verify what I've said unless you want to come meet me online. PVP official PS4. But I got stories from my two and a half years of playing Ark. Best game! https://imgur.com/a/89Pc5fX
  8. I've got a base with 5 vaults fab and smithy and it's never been found in over two years. I'm solo and infollow a strict code for survival. So you're wrong. I've also killed people on mana's and wyverns by luring them into c4 traps. I've killed gigas by picking rider off and luring giga into ocean to get munched by sharks and jellyfish before the could find it. I've made mega tribes leave the server bcos I would raid everyone else on the server so the mega was the only target and was continually being hit. I would drop their base location to ppl on as many servers as I could and would just wait for them to be wiped and then not let anyone get a foothold again. I've raised wyverns by hiding in smashed up bases. I've survived ddosers (once for over 4 months straight)by being prepared for them. Sitting at join screen and trying over and over to get in just to reset timer on base. By having a vault full of gas next to a bed and generator with cryofridge in a 1x1 so I could fill gen with gas without moving anywhere. I've solo'd all alpha bosses, i only needed 19 theris and a yuty. Theris i raised last Valentine's day event. Practice on single player with official settings until you nail a strategy. I've raised bases ppl said I couldn't by building replicas on singleplayer and combing for weakness and developing a quick hit strategy. I once linked 7 rafts with thatch tubes (like a boarding tunnel) to get into and out of a base to raid with leaving any trace. The tribe tore itself apart because they believed that they were insided because not a single turret had fired. If you play like everyone else plays you will get wiped, but it doesn't have to be so. Don't tell me you can't solo ark or you can't survive.
  9. They can't kill you if they can't find you. You can't be meshed, can't be wiped and if you do it right can't be wiped by a ddos.
  10. No, I never said that. I said cryopod your tames and put them away and don't sleep in your bed. I don't upload to an ob. I have hidden vaults and cryofridges. I keep tames in vault and switch with charging cryos when they low. I pack away at the end of each play through and kill myself when I'm done. I never leave anything build near my area. I don't spend long getting what I need out for the play session. It's hard yes but it's kept me and all my stuff good for two years and I can progress and compete. I have no problems with it.
  11. Which do your think will bring you more success? Complaining in a forum or mitigating against said op strategy?
  12. If pvp isn't for you then what are you whinging about? I just told you how to render parasaur/wyv useless. If you can't be bothered then bad luck to you. The games not gonna change for you. And honestly, if you sook about that, I'm sure you've got a laundry list of other complaints. The game is good bcos it's hard. Go play fortnite against bots.
  13. I've done it everyday for two years. If you can't cryo your dinos, pack away your gear and then kill yourself to survive, then pvp official online is not for you mate.
  14. When you put turrets on your base, you may as well be putting up a sign that say "Raid me". Be better than that.
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