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  1. So can Xbox Series X host Gen 1&2 Dedicated?
  2. So I am just curious about the next gen enhancement patch for the XBOX. I have heard that when hosting a Non-Dedicated server, the 'no tether' only applies to the circumstance when there are less than two players on the server - more than two and the tether is re-implemented. Is this true? Do you guys XBOX X guys have the ability to host a dedicated server for Gen1 or 2? I'm sure these features were promised at some stage but it appears like their full implementation on consoles will never happen. I own a PS5, PS4 Pro and 3 PS4's - all bought so that I could host a dedicated se
  3. No news on talked about enhancement. Previous forum posts on this moved and then deleted. What is going on? Is this WC's way of saying the update will not come to PS5? Could we at least get dedicated server hosting for Gen 1 & 2?
  4. Hi, I recently grabbed all my tames (3 cryofridges full) and went to transfer. After pressing transfer, I waited some time, nothing appeared to happen so I hit circle and reopened the transmitter and hit transfer a second time, game froze and then an error msg was displayed (timed out). I quit the server, went to the server I transferred to, spawned my character and he appeared but his inventory was empty... I saved the video. What should I do about this? Is there any recourse to get my tames back? Thanks.
  5. Can you get a replicator in the supply drops on Gen2? So far I've got a Transmitter, Sleeping Pod, Forcefield, Generator, Security Camera console and various Tek walls/floors.
  6. They still have a normal spoil timer, I lost 4 wyvern eggs...
  7. All the OC Island PvP servers on PS4/5 are in the process of this happening. 97, 98 and 471. Just giant alpha bases that are almost completely covered - drops, obs, caves and land - foundations as far as the eye can see... kinda ruins the game. I wish to destroy them so badly and I kinda put up a one man fight against them, harrasing them farming and continually destroying their drop pillars etc but I've lost the will to keep fighting so I shifted all my stuff elsewhere. Buildings like the egg incubator, cryopods, vaults etc helps a solo player survive and compete but I wish there we
  8. Yeah I love Ark a lot. I've clocked just over 4000hrs and I'd still easily pick this game if I had to choose only one game to play for the rest of my life. I'm a solo player on PvP official servers, so the egg incubator is awesome! That (and cryopods/cryofridge) has made my life significantly easier for raising tames while under constant threat. Never really got my head around mutations though there was a great youtube vid I watched that helped out (just some guy with an excel spreadsheet.)
  9. I meant to say complete it all solo. What type of equip is needed? I'm really trying to get my hands on an exomek... I'd trade something for one in a cryopod.
  10. Is it possible to complete all the missions on Gamma difficulty and then solo the Gamma Boss?
  11. Is it an hour wait or 24 hours to replant a fallen tree? Edit - It's an hour
  12. Hi guys, I was just wondering if there was a dino that functions as a mobile fabricator? I know Argy/Beaver = Smithy ExoMek = Replicator Magmasaur = Forge What other dino have crafting functions?
  13. No dedicated server option on PS4/5 for Genesis or Crystal Isle. Cryofridges only holding 72 pods. Managarmrs being over used and OP on PVP. Devs not communicating about the PS5 enhancement patch and its wheteabouts... was supposed to be out last month.
  14. Yeah I'm getting more frequent 'Grey-Screens' on PS5. Can't say if it has increased since the last patch. I swear it performed better on PS5 before the last patch though.
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