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  1. How does this account for or excuse the lack of communication regarding the patch?
  2. How do you Playstation users feel about this? We were supposed to get the patch in December. Then no communication. Now this. Anyone think that perhaps there has been some unspoken argreement with Microsoft? I'm slightly annoyed. I've purchased Ark twice and also 4 PS4s to run my own dedicated server for my family. Being able to use my PS5 to finally play Genesis/Crystal Isle with them Non-Dedi (without the tether) would be great. I've been waiting quite some time... Secrecy around Ark 2 and Playstation is also quite annoying. Why can't devs be open and honest? If there is some deal
  3. Bug Reports and... 'no communication from devs about info on a patch they said would be out last month' board. I mean Xbox got a trailer with explict information about a patch. PS users get a vague tweet and then no information after said patch doesn't get released when stated. If there's some Microsoft exclusive deal going on it'd be nice to inform the customer base. Similar situation with Ark 2.
  4. They bury this post in the Bugs and Reports board... can't we just have some clarification? They said December...
  5. Any news yet? Particularly concerning tether removal and non dedicated hosting? I own 4 PS4's and a PS5 and run my own server at home for my family and friends,a would really love these updates! I haven't been able to host a Genesis dedicated or Crystal Island, so running a non-dedi without tether would be a way around this. Would we also ever get the option to host those maps on a dedicated server? Why can't we? Some info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  6. I'm fairly certain that there has been a resolution improvememt and draw distance improvement. But what about the non dedicated and splitscreen removal of tether? That hasn't happened. Epic graphics setting on splitscreen? Hasn't happened. Is Playstation getting the shaft now like with Ark 2?
  7. Any word on this? Thought it qas dropping in December?
  8. Yeah I'm getting more frequent 'Grey-Screens' on PS5. Can't say if it has increased since the last patch. I swear it performed better on PS5 before the last patch though.
  9. Pre latest patch, the game running on PS5 was really smooth, now there is a slight jitter every few seconds and some frame dips. Also the control hints buttons on the options screens are just white sqaures instead of the correct PS buttons. I also note that it appears that the loading screen changes resolution, as the text changes from small to big then back again. There is still tether on splitscreen and no host dedi for Genesis and Crystal Island. Don't think the patch has been applied yet. But something certainly changed as of the last patch.
  10. What are you going to be using those ingots for? Making Nobel Peace Prize medallions?
  11. I think in pvp it's not against the rules, same as blocking caves.
  12. On OC/ASIA servers my ping is btwn 15-40. I play mostly on NA PVP and my ping is 90-100. I experience a slight delay on NA servs but it's not unplayable in any way. I think the problem is in PVE everything is just stupid built up with tons of dinos everywhere and this causes the lag. I know ppl would hate it but there probably has to be a build limit on PvE and/or reduce player amounts. Honestly, I don't get why people play PvE. I've taken a walk around before, just to see and it's ridiculous.
  13. What platform and modes do you play? In 3 years I've never experienced this but I've only ever played pvp official on ps4. Is this a pve thing? Are you on your closest region servers?
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