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  1. hmmm first what ever you did to velos has caused them to die from lack of food when on ai turret mode. (ps4) We lost a bunch!!!! We have turned all our velos off. They in one move lost all use, and yes I for one used them purely for base defense in pve. Second is my character was not getting experience from resting in a tek bed. This is the case for 3 different ones. all 130+. Please fix finally I logged in here looking for a set in stone release date of genesis.....end of january is vague at best. Many of us have base(s) to close so we can give the new map our full attention.
  2. folks until you can get most players to actually not buy <add item>. None of this will change, they have zero motivation to do so. This is offering any type of customer service at all. They added the chibis so you could get past max level. Then screwed up the leveling of our characters. They rolled back the servers yesterday evening. This after locking us us after 1 warning and before that time had runs its course. All servers are running overly slow our se we got disco'd twice in a boss fight. that was 38 rexes 2 yutis all with 124 saddles shotguns etc. We all have a choice, we can continue to play out this dlc, as a lot of us have years into our characters. Then just do not buy the next one. In this way WC will get a hint. Guess they miss that most of us when something bad happens we say "you've been arked". I do not ask WC to fix everything but when we all are made to suffer because they refuse to fix any of it is a shame. As I bought the dlc for 6 of us, at almost 200 dollars this will be my last time. I am tired and can just continue to play the different servers I have at least until they decide to shut all of them down. Yes I get if people do not buy new they will not support the official servers. shrugs, considering they do not support us now in a few years so what
  3. tek bed engram Help I have ran three of my characters through rockwell and I can use the tek bed but the engrams do not show up on any of them to make it. a tribe mate who ran it with me can make them. Any ideas???
  4. eggs lost in transmitter just lost a bunch of ice eggs in the transmitter trying to get them to my main base. THIS sucks fix please
  5. You can transfer nude but can not transfer anything between servers......it is still a royal pain in the backside. At least we got a tribe member to our ext before it all despawned. The real question is will they have it fixed by the time val is thrown open for transfers? We are two weeks into this with no projection when it will end.
  6. They now allow nude character transfers if you had something on your body when you transferred it is stuck. Luckily we did not lose much on our one server we did not have a continual presence on.
  7. You know I have had 3 serious tickets in included pictures and video only one was handled. I do have characters on 4 of the 5 servers I am on. My son has 2 and normally would have been on ext except someone gifted him a rock drake and he was getting nameless poison to feed it. This all happened as he tried to trans back. As far as pvp verse pve? I played pvp for about a year. Between the meshing the insiding and the off line raids I threw up my hands and moved over to pve. you have your pvp wannabes who will kite wilds to try and kill you and your tames. BUT Microsoft and other software companies get exploited. They patch it and move on. Can you imagine if they shut down a part of their software for 2 or more days let alone said until further notice?? I like most here have invested time and yes in some cases work into our bases and tames. I personally do not care if people are dupping on pve. I do care that I am being punished by this company for others bad acts. This is neither fair nor a very good way to run a service business.
  8. transfers ps4 They did an update and transfers are still down. As I am new to the forums it looks like they took down the previous topic like this. Guess the base on the one server I did not have a character will despawn right behind every dino we have or will lose. nothing like 2 week raises just gone. Too bad I already paid for the new dlc. For me and 5 others Guess I was the actual fail here. Will not happen again
  9. everyone is focusing on what they have lost.....I am worried about my ext base and the tames that will be dead because my kids character was on ab getting nameless poison when this happened. that meant no one was on that server and can not get there. Gigas owls wyverns and the generators can all die. We have zero recourse. Is this what I just paid to buy the season pass for? Not just me but my tribe mates? We work hard and play by the rules. You could not fix this and leave transfers in place? I was told last night it took 3 weeks for you to fix this issue on x box. that means half my ext base will be gone, all of it if it takes longer as then even the tek stuff will be gone.....this is more than an inconvenience. If you coded your games better this never would have arisen, but in fairness even microsoft has things exploited but do you think they would disable their software while they fixed it? No they would fix it and patch it. I have to ask what exactly was the dup exploit doing? AKA what were people getting? enough to cause harm to ALL your customers? IF not then this action was wrong.
  10. Does not include servers with existing game modes (i.e. Classic PvP, Small Tribes) This confuses me.......will the dino mature at 2x or ?? on official pve???? IF not then why call it 2x breeding?? If it does not includ this then I just got all excited for nada
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