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  1. That doesn't work for single player console. They botched the release and told us not to play the first week. We never got the jerky cost reduction. And then they ended the event. If they don't plan to support Single Player console, that's fine, but they are sending mixed messages.
  2. Will the event be re-started for those of us who had it disappear early?
  3. Just read through your theories for the first time and thanks for putting this all together. My guess...the "G" stands for Genesis. Everything you mentioned in this forum points towards the next DLC being about Arat Prime and the "genesis" of the Arks.
  4. Does anyone know if/how the kibble rework affects Daedon food recovery? Also, are we really going to have to farm Golden Eggs to ensure 100% imprinting? I thought the kibble rework was all about "quality of life"? Someone mentioned you could cryopod dinos to "reset" their comfort request, but that seems problematic.
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