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  1. Thank you wildcard for starting to fix the meshing exploits. Let's see how the cheaters can really PvP now that they're gonna have pull up honestly!!! Hoorah!!!!
  2. I am so glad to see wildcard taking steps to fix the meshing tools. Thank you. Now just gotta fix the rest. Don't forget the Tek sword. Now, I am hearing that wildcard is now allowing mesh defense turrets to be placed under bases without risking a dev wipe. Can anyone please confirm this as fact?
  3. At least they're patching some of the holes and glitches used to mesh but it isn't enough. Gotta disable the cheaters ability to cheat until all the holes are fixed. Otherwise no amount of upgrades, like s+, or Dino fixes make a difference. Kind of hard to enjoy any improvements when one person can get under your base, demolish all of it and kill everything with ease. As for console being 2 patches behind PC? Blame Sony and Microsoft. All software companies have to meet specific guidelines and the software has to be inspected prior to authorizing for their systems. It takes time. It all has to be approved by Sony and Microsoft before it is distributed.
  4. It used to be. The most frustrating thing is that wildcard can easily stop most of it by simply disabling the tools the cheaters use until they can find a more permanent solution. The Titans aren't much of an issue anymore and they are fixing the mannas. But, no amount of fixing, nerfing, buffing, or improving will matter until the under mapping is dealt with.
  5. I, for one, am reservedly excited for the s+ but, as I have previously stated, what is the point when one person can demolish everything from under the map without any worry? I would be much more excited to see the s+ if I knew that a cowardly cheater wasn't going to come in and make all the hours and work we put into enjoying the s+ building mods pointless. Until the under mapping is stopped no improvements, buffing, nerfing, or optimizing matters. PERIOD!!!! So, before anyone on any official PVP server gets all excited about any additions to the game, keep in mind that no matter what we do we can't enjoy any of it until wildcard steps up and puts a stop to the cheating. I miss legacy before the release. When PVP was actually PVP. When, if you wanted to take a server or fight a tribe you had to pull up or shut up. Those were the glory days of ARK. Not sure what this is.
  6. Sense the allowable turret count has made it difficult to defend a base then maybe their range and rate of fire should be buffed some. However, if under mapping is not addressed and stopped then what is the point to even worry about nerfing or buffing anything? What does any of it matter when one player can just cheat and destroy an entire base, killing everything all by themselves, without having to worry about turrets, tames, or that tribe's members stopping them?
  7. I'm not a programmer or any kind of computer guru but I know enough that coming up with a solution to the problem of these cheaters may be difficult due to the engine mechanics and such. However, there are some common sense solutions that I believe will curb the bulk of the meshing attacks. We have endured significant loss ourselves because people can't PVP so they cheat. The solutions are as simple as disabling the tools in which they use to cheat with. Disable the ability to transfer element dust, disable the TEK armor, disable climbing picks, enable the use of grapples on aberration, and fix the chair/ ladder exploits. Once this is done they only have to put "Kill Boxes" where someone can grapple into the mesh and get on an overlapped edge, where one can walk just inside the mesh barrier because the ability to fly using the TEK gauntlets/ sword is gone. Then, once a more permanent solution has been developed, they can always reenable these items. Doing this will eliminate the greatest majority of cheating and force everyone to play the game as it was intended to be played.
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