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  1. when will you publish updatet game files of the Legacy servers?
  2. Hello, everytime i use my Teleporter on aberration the dino i Travel with (a Rock Drake most of the time) just will teleport under the Teleport and not on top. I have to whistle it up every time wich is kind of anoying. Does anyone know a fix?
  3. Hello, is anyone else having the problem that the extinction drops some times just stick in the air and wont come down? that happend on a official PVE server
  4. thats a good idea but i have 3 chars on 3 servers i cant really travel with my char. I have to put everything in the upload
  5. i Recently have the problem that the item transfer beween my official pve servers take forever. It started after they launched the last major update. I have to wait 3-8 sek before the item disapears out of the game data and i can download the next item. if you transfer a lot like me that time is really adding up. Does anyone else have the same problem or know a fix?
  6. try to get another tribe to your base and kill the giga with manas while you are offline wildcard will take some time to process your request
  7. I really think we have to do it all again. I mean just lock at the Tek Rock Drake Saddle. I mean they didnt manage to do it there so I dont expect them to do it with this update.
  8. how do you get the Tek S+ Stuff? do you have to do the boss again (like with the Tek Rock Drake saddle) or will you just get them unlocked if you have already killes that boss?
  9. i Have over 3k Hours in ark but i wont buy atlas. Yes ARK is a fun game but starting again in a game that has the same problems and paying again for a game that will never come out of its Early Access stat is not worth it.
  10. Finally the Transfer is available. I Really like Extinction but i think it will be better with the Wyvern
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