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  1. Unless you play on console where there is no mods to fix what the developers break RIP
  2. I am just commenting to say that I agree. PvP and PvE balances should be separate. I host a non-dedicated session for myself and my boyfriend to get on and play and just enjoy the game, but every time I turn around there is a nerf to PvE because of PvP and it ruins the game. It is very sad.
  3. Deinonychus is broken on non dedicated servers on Xbox. I can’t climb with it at all. It stays in one spot and just “jumps” in place
  4. I want to play on Valguero with friends! I need to find a server/friends to play with on the new map! I don’t like playing by myself my Steam is DedGirlWalkin and my discord is dedgirlwalkin#0885 hit me up to play I’ll play on a server or host a non dedicated session too
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