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  1. Update, Im a dippoop.... i just forgot i downloaded the character to a different server. However, the constant loss in this game due to glitches crashes and lack of care for the customer when these issues occur is utterly disgusting. This game is literally gold. The concept of this game is by far the best survival game to date. If the response to tickets from customer service was a tad quicker (one week wait max not 2 months...) and the solutions were fair (replacing what you had with picture proof, not too bad here's a wild tame). Now it seems like all your effort and care is dedicated to ar
  2. Hey all server transfers are broken again just lost another toon (PC PVE Official) so glad we get a 2x xp this weekend to make up for literally hundreds of hours xp lost and no longer imprinted to my dinos! Well done! No chance of purchasing ark 2 with this kind of customer service!
  3. But why would 2 computers with download at the same time take completely different amounts of time (older pc with low end components finishing first) and 2 different download sizes?
  4. Both computer have the exact same maps installed (no mods i play official) and a side note my old pc downloaded it the fastest (i7 8700 gtx1070ti 16 gb ram on ssd) new computer is still downloading (i9 10900f 3080 32gb ram on ssd)
  5. I know that but im looking more for the scientific answer as to why.
  6. Why can i download a 350gb copy of Call of duty in 20 minutes but not a 500mb Ark download in 32 minutes? Same internet connection, same PC. Also why does one of my computers have a 500mb download and the other has a 3gb download that take the same amount of time and both were up to date till that patch hit? This happens with every patch and is really confusing HELP!!!!!
  7. #alllivesmatter #realequality #togetherasone #screwsupremacy Yes @anderking that is the right way of thinking to a solution! @norkalli take some lessons on tact and equality from this person. Wording is everything!
  8. Center 86 Center 86 is crashing every 15 minutes again, it was functioning for about 24 hours and now its broken again please fix! This is Center 86 Official PVE NA server.
  9. Lol mesh and dupe. Thats the kind of thing that makes the game pointless. And you are quoting something i posted months ago. Get current. Stop digging in the past trying to make yourself relevant.
  10. Lol funny cause im solo
  11. Dont whine and complain because you died to someone who has invested lots of time and has skill in a game. Dont like it get better.
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