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  1. #alllivesmatter #realequality #togetherasone #screwsupremacy Yes @anderking that is the right way of thinking to a solution! @norkalli take some lessons on tact and equality from this person. Wording is everything!
  2. Center 86 Center 86 is crashing every 15 minutes again, it was functioning for about 24 hours and now its broken again please fix! This is Center 86 Official PVE NA server.
  3. Dino Leash! Just an idea, i find dino leashes super useful for keeping dinos in a certain area but could we get the option to make the ring not visible similar to the range of the trough?
  4. Servers working again! Thankyou @thelilpanda
  5. Battleye cant connect to client @thelilpanda Official PC NA The Center 86 has been crashing every 10-15 minutes for the last 3 days. As of today it started crashing with the message cannot connect to client. I have been reporting it via the server outage page for 3 days. Nothing has changed so im posting it here as well. Im not the only one with the issue.
  6. finally in took 2 hours and 13 minutes
  7. to be able to use what i paid for. That is kinda the minimum standard in the rest of the world
  8. New Map Genesis! The new game is waiting for someone to log off the new map so you can log on! Woohoo!
  9. Lol mesh and dupe. Thats the kind of thing that makes the game pointless. And you are quoting something i posted months ago. Get current. Stop digging in the past trying to make yourself relevant.
  10. Terror Bird Skin For Thanksgiving! Can we get a turkey or cooked turkey cosmetic skin for the terror bird? Would be super rad!
  11. Lol funny cause im solo
  12. Dont whine and complain because you died to someone who has invested lots of time and has skill in a game. Dont like it get better.
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