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  1. Well there's a large update they have to apply to each server. I can take a guess that your servers down to get the update.
  2. quadracerjr33

    Missing servers

    You can snap fingers and magically swap 500+ servers over to a new update. There's gonna be ones that have issues over other etc etc. Could be 15 minutes for one server while it could be a couple hours on another. Just depends how crowded or open the server is. How many textures need modified etc.
  3. quadracerjr33

    Missing servers

    You realize they have to take servers Down to apply the updates right?
  4. Tbf I've had help on a stuck creature. But it was 3 weeks. I've also had a greifing ticket and had a response in 2 days and the issue fixed within 12 hours of a reply.