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  1. It's a shame tbh as they were perf for PVE and were mostly only nerfed because of PVP. Is it possible for them to do different version for their PVE/PVP servers or would that be too much complex coding? It just seems annoying that PVE is affected by all the rubbish PVP nerfs!!
  2. These are awesome! Think my favs here are the sugar glider page and the purple rock drake
  3. Don't forget about raptor claus on Extinction!!! that was pretty cool too!
  4. Boosted rates and coloured dinos. When are we going to get purples!!!!!!
  5. I'm a bit disappointed by the colour options for this event, should have used pink and yellow too, they're very summery colours, I think.
  6. I completely agree. Even knowing the map and the drops, getting off abb without a transmitter is such a mess around!
  7. Some awesome artwork here!!
  8. I am so utterly turned off by those colours...... Summer colours, really? There should have at least been baby pink/ yellow in there too. It's more like you're just doing American themed colours rather than summer ones....... And how is it working this time because the drop rates on candies from breeding were RUBBISH last time! If that is how its going... do mammals also drop candies etc?
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