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  1. The Mailboxes work on console Xbox 1 X and Xbox 1 but you need to have a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse hooked up to the console
  2. I have great news on mailboxes!!! So the deal is I haven't figured it out 100% for Xbox controllers that's where the problem is the controller but if you have a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse and you go into the pause menu and select keyboard and mouse before using the mailbox to change the address and or send mail it works at first it looks like it will freeze up after your msg is typed up hit enter and you will see the send mail option finally after all this time Ark's mailbox finally has confirmation that it still works and we know where the issue is now its not the game but the controller setup for the mailboxes wildcard please fix this if you want the proof I am going to take a video I'll type a decent msg in the mailbox. I'm on Xbox one x and Xbox one I was only on single player trying to figure this out since the games release my gamertag is ChiefJDUB if you want to see the video I'm about to take at 7 am sat Jan 18th, 2020 or I will see if I can upload the video here as a clip attachment through my phone
  3. Just get rid of the duplicated engram's being adobe replace them with working mailboxes fix number 1 problem since the first few weeks it was released I don't have rendering problems I'm on Xbox one and Xbox one x and I see no issues with trees or ground just engram's that don't work and have been asked for fixes and have just been ignored bring it to main game engram's or port the working mailboxes on mobile to main game
  4. I definitely agree with this just get some help ask the Ark Mobile community for the Mailbox fix and the other mailbox engrams they've come up with i am using a dedicated storage box as a mailbox lol
  5. Fix Primitive Plus before adding anything else just take primitive plus out of mod and make it main game all engrams also add the mailboxes from ark mobile as well as probably the rest of those engrams on mobile as they obviously work the game has been out for years and year 1 it was broken and was left to sit there in hopes someone will play it and not care they can't use most of what is available. Stop adding and start fixing first come on ced you know it needs to be fixed removing it is out of question to many good engrams available. At least add primitive plus engrams to main game and make them work the guys and gals on ark mobile figured it out it's just in the code. I notice there are 6 of the same beds that must be messing with the engrams not working
  6. You know how to build on unflat terrain right you don't need to stack foundations you just need to know what your doing I can help you if your on console
  7. May I see this code you have for all engrams mine states there are inconsistencies with my code thx
  8. Ever find a fix maybe ini change with the APS Mailbox you started to look at back in 2016 got to be a way to fix it it's open source now anyone can fix it that knows how to

  9. Curiosity on some fixes incoming with structures plus. Will there be a port option to enable all engrams for building with primitive plus and standard edition engrams for both modes. Tek atv fix maybe? Or could we just get a normal jeep without it jumping and sliding? Is there a mailbox fix coming with this Structures+ we have several hooked up for design but players are still getting caught up with the send to options than have to force close there game any fix maybe in the code slightly mobile got it to work it would make for easier communication between players and tribes. Or maybe an ini file for either gameusersetting, engine, or game. Thx should be easy for you to fix now that your on it and aware
  10. I'd like to return to the ftw server to continue building please. I am sorry for not seeing everything sent at certain times I know what I said I understand you guys do it your way I have to work usually all I want to do is build I lost my wyvern from an air land glitch that took place I did not know I could jump off to avoid dinosaurs damage as this is the first legit time I am playing the game without just building in creative mode I make advanced buildings when I got it all but I am legitimately working to build on your server and I'd like to continue and just play the game. 

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      With that whole tax thing I didn't know that was a joke until a photo was sent to me from a friendly trader after I was banned. 

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