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  1. Submitting ticket. Im trying to submit a ticket but every time i click on "submit ticket" it brings me back to the ark page.
  2. Sudden death loss of wyvern chibi. Im still trying to get my dam chibi back. I go for new years dinner. Come back to being logged off log back in to find out my character died doesnt say how just (character was killed). Submitted tickets now i guess im banned not letting me submit anymore tickets. Its by fsr the best dam chibi anyone has seen.
  3. Found the best chibi anyone else had. And lost it wothout explanation. Just said character was killed how doesnt say. So this event was complete garbage.
  4. Death without explanation. I left my character at transmitter for about 3 hours. Ive done it before and never died now that i actually had a good chibi ark decides kick me from server and kill me at my transmitter.
  5. Hows about you fix 1023 ps4 official lag kicked out and the roll back when doing element vein halfway through. But you wont cuz you tend to not listen to poop people ask for.
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