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  1. Seriously, new dino Crystal Isles exclusive on PC but because consoles don't get the map yet, they get the dino on all maps? Why not just put the dino on all maps including Crystal Isles for EVERYBODY? Or did I misunderstand this?
  2. Windows 10 Single-player/Non-dedicated STILL CAN'T PLAY
  3. I hope Windows 10 is the PC update you're referring to considering we haven't been able to actually play in over a week. Sure would be nice to participate in some of these events or maybe.. I don't know.. actually log into the game?
  4. Single-player/Non-dedicated servers for Windows 10 are broken. Complete wipe and forced to restart a character on each reload. No saving, no syncing, and so far no word on this issue from Wildcard. It's been like this over a week.
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