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  1. and yet i would take it over a carno-giga clone that looks like a wet sausage formed into a dinosaur. any. day.
  2. yes. Non sarcastic answer, I really don't see the use for this guy considering we already have one useless carno, aka... the carno. The giga is your all-around bitey boy, the rex is your boss dino, the yuty is the bard, and carnos uh... have tiny arms. Even the allosaurus and it's pack bleed effect doesn't really see much use, so the carno's weaker bleed is honestly a joke. So why are we putting in this new guy again? Ah yes "he bite real good". Excellent, ship it. Perfect reasoning there. Like at least 90% of the finalists are new body types, this guy is yet another two legged chomp child. give him interesting abilities or put him in the bin. Or like, deck him out in glorious feathers, I will 1000% vote for a worthless creature with gorgeous plumage.
  3. Hey there, could you please allow ark data downloads on valguero 554? I've put in a ticket days ago, and I need to be able to transfer over with my character. Otherwise I'm going to lose my base and creatures. I wouldn't bug you guys here but. You know. The thing where every other Avenue hasn't worked.
  4. ....you're using the source that says that covid-19 is a chinese bioweapon? Yeah nah, that's not a reputable source. Stop dogwhistling for the white nationalists in the room and bring some actual proof.
  5. Alots made entirely of money, I didn't know that ark could be bought with the bartering system!
  6. Aaaand there we go, proof that you're not worth debating.
  7. Okay sure, IF THEY EFFING LISTENED. but this isn't like that, people have been complaining about meshing since practically day one, go and check the various comments and even video commentary. It's more like windows being told by it's testers there was an issue, and in response, doing nothing, or worse, going "stop talking about the problem". So then the only way to get it fixed is to go public with the info. The problem isn't someone leaking the info, the problem is that the person shouldn't have felt that his only recourse WAS to leak the info. tl;dr, still hire the guy, not penalize him. (also don't give me that nonsense about HE'S DOING IT FOR THE MONEY AND VIEWS, we all know that you can't make much money off of youtube views alone these days.)
  8. I don't see how this was an exploit in the first place, at worst he was forcing your hand to try and fix a major problem- which is what good qa people and codemonkeys do. They poke, they prod, and they come back with a busted mess and some ideas how to fix it. That's not someone you ban, that's someone you hire.
  9. It's no problem! if dododex doesn't beat me to it, i'll probably make a googlesheet version with formatting and. yanno, actual words in the cells, because i realized this doesn't help anyone with a screen reader.
  10. Oh that's weird. does this google drive link work then? https://drive.google.com/open?id=1jO0ZjXQrEXI9j64dzyTkV31cjRaaA2CV
  11. I tried to make it fit on one page, if you zoom into 225% can you read it?
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