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  1. It's no problem! if dododex doesn't beat me to it, i'll probably make a googlesheet version with formatting and. yanno, actual words in the cells, because i realized this doesn't help anyone with a screen reader.
  2. Oh that's weird. does this google drive link work then? https://drive.google.com/open?id=1jO0ZjXQrEXI9j64dzyTkV31cjRaaA2CV
  3. I tried to make it fit on one page, if you zoom into 225% can you read it?
  4. oof, that mana nerf. but at least flexible pipes. Anyway! i took the info about kibble and made it into a spreadsheet, since dododex is prob going to need some time to rework everything. Sorry it's not in google sheet form, i was... too lazy to redo the gradients for the overlapping produced/preferred options. if anyone can update me on the recipes, I'll update the pdf new kibble system.pdf
  5. basilmemories

    Baby Gacha Food?

    I just tried this, parents right next to them, had them on wander, owls in gathering distance, a full trough right there, and i never left render distance. The darn thing still died. I never shoved food in it either. did they patch this finally? or do i just have the worst luck with metal gachas?
  6. basilmemories

    So who is moving to Atlas?

    I'm not. I'm hoping that with this "final" expansion that the focus will shift to smaller dlc, more mod support, and more official server support for mod maps. While I like Pirate times, I'm glad I bought this game when it was on sale- it still feels like a unity/unreal steam early access title. They'd have to have improved a lot with this new one for me to consider shifting over.