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  1. Lol, still no fix to the Perfect Explorer Achievement being broken and unattainable. Posts been up for months and Wildcard hasn't even commented on them. I think the DMV would be better at game design lol.
  2. Lol, if you'd just go and make all area underneath the official map structure cause severe burning damage that ignores armor, kinda like the surface of Aberration meshing would end forever.
  3. I would prefer a stability, bug fix, make the HUD customizable (and therefore make it useful and informative) patch instead of new content. Look, you guys are pretty awesome at game design and holy crap the maps you have made truly are innovative and beautiful. But we have serious problems that need fixed before we get more. Please listen. I'm not being rude, just practical. My tribe recently had a 389 purebred Managarmr (crazy good stats with a 100 armor saddle) stop in the middle of the air on Scorched Earth Official slowly float away like Mary Poppins and disappeared thought he top of the game, 3 weeks later we gets its "Replacement" a level 201 (your current policy) and a primitive saddle. A week later another Purebred Managarmr disappeared through the top of the game on the same map, the GMs did not reply to my friend on that one yet... Now, a 212 Rock Drake (Born at 190, which is HARD AF to find btw) just drops through the bottom of Scorched Earth in the Wyvern trench and disappeared and never died, just gone. Now the GM wants me to "Schedule an appointment" for a replacement, which would be fine, however... The next available appointment is over a month from now... Like, really?? Come on. I get it though, I'm a blue blooded Capitalist and I know you have to pay for quality and service, which I have absolutely NO PROBLEM doing. You've made a truly impressive and breathtaking game here and I'm going to royally piss off my fellow gamers with this suggestion... But I suggest you start a Subscription based service to help you expand your development team and most importantly Customer Service. Make it optional, and people with the subscription goes straight to the front of the line for Customer Service and any free players just get their needs met whenever you get to them.
  4. I would like to see a customizable HUD in the game. The current one is nearly impossible to see during day time unless you are in Aberration and even then it can blend in and provide no real information. I'm sure there's a mod that allows you to do this already, would you please allow partnership with that so we can have a workable HUD on Official?
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