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  1. Think about it this way. How do you transfer from ark to ark? The way i've always assumed, is that you get turned into a data stream and sent. Then turned from data back into solid mass again. Simulation is just data...and we already have the technology to change data into matter. Just my .02
  2. This, while i love colors on dinos. i completely agree with this. a compromise would be that event color on dinos can only spawn on 1 region per dino that spawns with colors. ETA: i also would love to see alot more skins for not only dinos, but also saddles and armor and weapons, maybe skins for guns other things, plenty of items could be cool with a skin slapped on it, more decor for interior design options.
  3. I really dont think it's a trap. I looks more like a cast net to me. Aim and throw and you collect fish in it's radius. I just hope they add more small water creatures for food: fish, crabs, shrimp, etc.
  4. there are 6 dna strands, just from the predominant color of each strand, there is one that reminds me right off of aberration, one of scorched earth. I'm betting this is a dlc overhaul of the 6 primary maps(Valguero excluded) Perhaps with a new way to travel between them?
  5. The machine we are in, feels like the inside of an Obelisk, and all of this has been the process of transferring to a new server/world. It is kind of what I would imagine it looks like when you are selecting a server to transfer to. This bit is just pure random thoughts but...What if the Visitor has to do with the live stream more than the game? Just a random thought, but for example what if Jen showed up to the livestream to help reveal what's goin down? That's straight speculation of course but my wife said something about it when we saw the community crunch, so I thought i'd just put it here.
  6. If I could edit images better i'd do this myself, but my skills are severely lacking. Best I could do after 20minutes. I'll explain after photo. image below is line 1 connected to line 4 the 'Mutations' as some have called them...the little lines coming off each dna. On DNA line 1 and 4 the mutations are the same...no missing DNA strands On DNA line 3 and 6 the mutations are the same...line 6 is missing a few DNA strands On DNA line 2 and 5 they are not exact. but I will try to show the best I can here how they are very similar this is line 2 this is from line 5 flipped and rotated when you flip and rotate it lines 2 and 5 in that the 'mutations' are in similar positions like the other 2 sets of DNA. except there are some missing strands anyone with better editing skills please try that
  7. Ah ok, I must admit I don't know near the lore as many of you folks. Wasn't trying to head the wrong direction, just want to state things I see and similarities to a lot of scifi stuff I've read and watched. The other part of that, that I did not post last night was that it seems like we are inside of a machine looking out. Kind of what I'd imagine it'd look like if we were inside of a tek sleeping pod, the readings seem backwards like you're looking at your monitor/screen from the other side of it. The 'vital stats' as well as what I perceive as a wave file being played, are going in reverse as to what I would expect. These things in my experience travel from the right side to the left. ETA: Could ascension to a higher plane of existence be assisted via teknology?
  8. A possible theory. the newest images show somethin that seems like the monitoring of vital stats. our implants have a survival quotient. in the email from Helena we are nothing but glorified patients. all of that was to test us to see if we would be able to survive the earth as it is. Everything, has been a simulated training program or a dreamlike state. the closest I can relate this is the movie Matrix. we are all strapped into a machine, but instead of being used to supply power to machines, we are being tested to see if we are capable of surviving the new world. essentially the arks are exactly as we know them, a computer generated gamestate. I have a bit more to this theory but its late and I work early so i'll put more in later.
  9. Per my previous post, I found another coincidence. when converted to ascii zL•ñŠÁ[J becomes 122 076 226 128 162 195 177 197 160 195 129 091 074 which is the same amount of letters as Wildcard Admin just wanted to add that
  10. I have limited knowledge of 90% of how people decrypt things, i'm not as smart as many of you in that aspect. I may be grasping at straws, but there was someone's post and I wish I could find it right off. They were saying somethin about the original bot poster's name. What struck me as odd is that the group the profile is attached to has a color to it. each group has a specific color, this one is blue, as you see below Wildcard Admin posters are the same. obviously this could easily be just a coincidence because that's how they created the account for the original bot poster. But then I thought, why would they make a new group named zL•ñŠÁ[J if they were going to just make it an admin account. Seems like they specifically made a second admin group/renamed a group. what if the garbled name zL•ñŠÁ[J was or is an encrypted form of Wildcard Admin. if so, could that be used as a key to unscramble the user profile name? As I said I know very little about encryptions and i'm not good at puzzles, I just thought it was a bit odd and thought i'd feed the community.
  11. Have a specific slot like a saddle slot on your dino where you can put which food you want your dino to eat. It will eat that before eating things in it's inventory. Perhaps allow extended stacking of food items in this slot alone. Make it count towards slot cap so as not to alter how much someone can gather to bring home. So if it stacks to 200, that's 10 slots of meat..etc
  12. Any device that uses a fuel source should have a fuel slot. Whether it's gas, wood, element shards or full element. Fuel would go in a slot in the middle 'window' when accessing something's inventory.
  13. Design a type of turret that is cheap to make. Can only be placed where normal items are 'obstructed'. Can only aim into the mesh, if for some reason it fires outside of the mesh at a player, it would have 0 damage. Armor piercing and 10x dmg. Reports to the tribe log for submittal to GMs.
  14. LordKelbor

    PVP vs PVE

    Keep balances and nerfs separate for pvp and pve. Things that are game breaking in pvp, aren't necessarily so on pve. ETA: For example, un-nerf or partially un-nerf gacha loot on pve.
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