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  1. Restart Steam to start downloading
  2. You can only move character from PVE to PVE and PVP to PVP you cant transfer a character from PVE to PVP, you will have to create a new one.
  3. Servers offline, thats the new mining machine .... #Fixthegame
  4. Woah Now I understand Everything Thank you all so much for the info!!! I really appreciate it! I think Ill continue stealing deinos egg and also, I willl start a line with stats as close as possible to the Deinonychus I got from my friend so hopefully I can improve that line if I get lucky hatching a wild with a stat that has enough points on it to make it worth breeding :D!
  5. Question on Mutations So a friend gave me an egg and I got a female and a male 0/1 mutations (a color mutation) How can I start breeding those properly without losing too many mutations? Because if I breed them the offspring will be 1/1 and at that point I already lost 1 mutation if I get a new mutation it will be 1/2 and if I breed them again with the 0/1 I will lose another mutation so how can I do it? is it impossible? should I just give up on that dino? I heard about traspassing all mutations only to 1 side but is that possible? I am new to breeding, I now I can start a dino from scratch but if it has a mutation is something I dont know how to deal with. Thanks for reading. Edit: I was working on a line of the same dino (deynonichus) but non of my got that high stats mines are like 26points to 28points max and the ones I got from the egg have 30 - 33 points on the stats I want Hp meelee stamina weight
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