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Chat box not staying open xbox

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On 6/12/2024 at 12:48 AM, ManicWolfX said:

Hi new player here just wondering if anyone else is having issues with the text box staying open on Xbox or if there is a work around to make it work I’m on a RP server and using the chat is key I need help 

Hi, yes the chat in XBox-S is super buggy, but I found a method (very inconvenient..) to make it work:

surely you know that when someone has just written and the chat appears at the bottom left you just need to press the back button and the squares, while if you want to open the chat at a time where it is not displayed you will have to press the same back button and hold down the button with the dashes, well when the chat starts not staying open (in both ways) you simply have to perform the two operations together, i.e. hold down the back button then hold down the button with the dashes and finally press the button with the squares; at this point the chat will allow you to write but when you press to send it will seem that everything is deleted (and you should be on the pause/console commands screen or with the map open; simply go back by closing the menu or map normally), a At this point, press the back button and the square button again and you will magically see your message appear in the chat.

It's a very inconvenient method but at least it works.

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