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Oasisaur issue

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The issue i have with my Oasisaur is stranger than anything I've seen so I'm looking to see if I can get some help with it. I play on both Xbox and Steam and the issue persist across both versions. My Oasisaur does not produce resources and is bald most of the time. This part is apparently a very common issue. However, My Oasisaur will produce resources in the areas around the red Obelisk only. LIke when i head that direction and hit a certain spot the resource inventory becomes available, I can gather the resources as if the Oasisaur was gathering the whole time. Once i head back anywhere outside of said zone i get nothing all resources disappear and access to the inventory is restricted again. Any help with tis would be greatly appreciated. I do own Bob's Tales and everything else about the dlc seems to be working properly. 

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