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ARK series finally DEAD? A new game idea!



Maybe not much of a discussion but anyone else from the beginning feel like its all over now? Even with new maps coming at some point in the future I've lost all my interest in the game. I know mods on console are exciting when you hear about it but I tried a few and meh.. The whole side scrolling video and Mario I found were a big turn off. I really have zero interest in them offering a skinned unreal platform for people to make similar mods with.

With that said, could they return my interest to the game somehow. MAYBE, I think it possible and I cannot believe I'am saying this because at first I hated the idea of Ark 2 since they promoted moving away from general FPS gameplay but I've finally played through the new Mass Effect games and really enjoyed it. I have to say if they took Mass Effect and used Ark as the general theme with the RPG style gameplay I think it would be incredible. Unfortunately for wild card I can't see them ever pulling off such a feat even if they could restore their focus back on ark 2. Instead I'd much prefer them to license the artwork etc to another developer team to produce a new game. Not trying to pick or be mean, they made an awesome game at start and worth great credit for it but their time to shine has moved on.

Combining the gameplay style of Mass Effect with the theme of Ark Survival Evolved would result in an ambitious and expansive game experience, offering players a rich blend of narrative-driven exploration, survival mechanics, and strategic combat within a vast, dynamically changing environment.

Gameplay Overview

Players would begin their journey as members of an expedition sent to explore and colonize uncharted planets teeming with prehistoric life and unknown dangers. The game would blend Mass Effect's deep narrative and character interactions with Ark's survival elements, creating a unique experience where choices and survival skills significantly impact the storyline and world.

Survival Mechanics

Survival would be a core element, requiring players to manage hunger, thirst, and shelter. Crafting would be expanded to include not only basic survival needs but also advanced technology, allowing players to create items and gadgets inspired by the Mass Effect universe, such as biotic amplifiers or tech-based traps.

Taming and Exploration

Much like in Ark, players could tame the prehistoric creatures they encounter, using them as mounts, combat companions, or resources providers. Exploration would be key, with the use of both ground-based vehicles and spacecraft from Mass Effect, allowing players to travel between locations on the planet's surface and orbit.

Combat and Customization

Combat would be a strategic mix of first & third-person shooting, the latter akin to Mass Effect, with the addition of dinosaurs and other creatures as both allies and adversaries. Players could customize their armour and weapons, combining Mass Effect's futuristic technology with primitive elements found in the game world.

Story and Characters

The narrative would be rich and branching, with decisions affecting the survival of the player's colony, the planet's ecosystem, and the relationships with other explorers and factions. Character development would be deep, drawing from Mass Effect's companion system, allowing players to form bonds, rivalries, and alliances.

Multiplayer Elements

While the game would have a strong single-player focus, multiplayer elements from both games could be integrated, offering cooperative survival modes, PvP combat, and shared base building on persistent servers.


This game would offer a unique fusion of sci-fi and prehistoric themes, providing an immersive experience that combines the best aspects of both Mass Effect and Ark Survival Evolved. Players would navigate a richly detailed world, facing the challenges of survival, the thrill of exploration, and the depth of interstellar diplomacy and conflict, all while forging their path through a galaxy where the ancient past and far future collide.



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I don't think "ambitious" is a great idea right now. They're financially struggling; they need to pull in their horns and finish the things they've already got progress on. Not that anything "Mass Effect" is bad, but Ark's base game experience, gameplay loop and style are both relatively unique & the series' main selling point. Trying to jump into a new genre would be a huge risk with new competition, and they also don't have money for it.

I honestly think their best bet is just to push on. A lot of players are loyal to the series, and will keep coming back as long as bugs are fixed and new content is pushed.

Past that point, maybe they can look at expanding. I think as a player my most-wanted feature is the new story map at the end of Extinction. More Rockwell? Yes, please. But if they want more replayability, I'd say their best bet's a twist on the old procedurally generated maps. Get them working, make them canon individual Arks, let players share them, and give additional rewards for conquering each one. It wouldn't require new -assets- either.

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