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Ragnarok and ASA


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I read that it will be available in September 2024.

Back in the days Ragnarok was a map with complete biomes from previous DLC (not much tho, only Scorched Earth at that time), then when Aberration came, I read the assets weren't allowed to be used in Ragnarok. But today all maps are not new anymore, and since it's being remade, is it possible or allowed for them to add more biomes in it ? 

I always thought that Ragnarok was a special map that's going to be a 'single' map with all creatures in it, and in the classic server, it even had an isolated server just for Ragnarok. So I'm hoping it will have more diversities in biomes from DLCs after Scorched Earth this time around in the remake if possible. Or is it just the same remake of old Ragnarok ?

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