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Rex Breeding Stats


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HI. In ASE they are good, around 10000 health and 400 damage are a good starting point even if you can find a little more health.

In ASA there are better statistics, the lack of Speed implies an average estimate of 20 more points distributed in the remaining 6 statistics, but above all it seems that the post-taming bonus received on Damage is greater (I don't have official data, but that's what I noticed in my game in Server Official), however you can easily start breeding because in ASA they have slightly modified the mechanics of the points passed down to children by ensuring that the Statistics Points and the Mutation Points are separated, this means that if tomorrow you find a better Rex than the one you started with you will be able to mate it with one of those on which you have already obtained Mutations, the children will have the possibility of obtaining the new statistic and separately also the mutations (handed down from the other parent) which will now influence this new statistic.

So in summary: yes, 10k Health and 400 Damage are good stats and if you are in ASA you will be able to integrate better stats even later.

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