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If you want to use this submission in a video please contact me before making the video 

I did not have time for the Dossier so it’s going to be scrappy and unfinished but I do have a full list of abilities that Atlasaurus has.

     Atlasaurus is a large powerful macronarian sauropod known for it’s long powerful legs and shorter neck, it’s essentially Brachiosaurus that didn’t skip leg day. In extinction it functions as a combat utility mount good for clearing hordes of enemies and dragging tames out of danger, that along with a multi use saddle with extra seats and a turret make it excellent for tactical engagements. I wanted something that is good for Supply Drops and hordes of smaller enemies, it’s also good for boss fights as it will do increased damage to larger creatures.



-a multidirectional stomp attack similar to Amargasaurus

-a charge that activates as it runs that will knock back enemies and send them flying out of the way, a good crowd control utility for hordes of corrupted creatures

-an immunity to bear traps and explosives detonated near the feet

-armored legs that resist damage from ankle biters

-high stamina and speed allowing it to traverse large distances quickly 

-an immunity to the predator damage buff

-a higher damage to creatures of a higher drag weight

-double damage towards corrupted/Rockwell creatures 

     One potential idea I had was a debuff roar where the Atlasaurus’s neck would balloon out similar to a cobra which would lower the damage resistance of all enemy creatures around it, further allowing it to help with crowd control.




    The saddle is modular and can have different attachments depending on the situation, these include things like a built in fabricator, a heavily armored saddle with passenger seating, and a harpoon turret with multiple modes.

    The harpoon turret has 3 main modes, Rapid fire which shoots out a volley of fast flying harpoons which are good for hitting aerial targets, an explosive tipped harpoon which does high AOE damage, and a latching harpoon which can allow you to drag tames and large creatures away from combat.


In the Wild and Taming


    In the wild Atlasaurus is found in the wasteland, traveling in pairs or groups of three they’re passive but will attack if attacked themselves. Atlasaurus outclasses most creatures other than Gigas and Carchars and will most often win fights against wild dinos and corrupted creatures, they’re around Diplo sized but much taller similar in height to a Bronto but with more health.

     Taming requires you to trip the animal as it’s charging via a cannonball, aim for the legs and it will knock the animal over where it will collapse unconscious where you can feed it extraordinary kibble. Multiple shots may be needed to trip the animal but thankfully cannonballs will do little damage due to it’s extremely high resistance to explosive damage around it’s legs, it’s easier than taking down a Karkinos or Rock Golem since it doesn’t require the most accurate shot. Shoot and hit any of the legs until the tripping animation occurs.


The concept art for it is unfinished and I have no dossier so I do apologize but I will finish it in the coming days, I was not ready for the vote so in a panic I threw what I had into here in the hopes it was enough for the time being.



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13 minutes ago, Ti99er said:

"armored legs that resist damage from ankle biters"

So good lol, good luck on this.

It’s good for ignoring most shorter creatures, anything like Carno sized and smaller will generally do little damage including bleed. If it can hit the body it’ll do normal damage. The legs are also completely immune to things like large beartraps and explosives below the body, it will potentially be a decent raiding dino with the explosive harpoon dealing damage to structures. 

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