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Submission Updated : 7/13/2023
We've expanded upon some ideas to be more informative and give the creature a more unique take while remaining true to the original idea, please give our submisssion another read and tell us what you like and give us feedback on what you think might need changes, most new informatrion can be found in the extra information section

Our Small Team has been lovingly working on this ever since it was announced each map would have a creature vote, after Months Working on and waiting to the Aberration Creature Vote to Start we are excited to present our Passion Project, Introducing The Chimerarachne Yingi

Dossier Artwork Credit to Gemixyy
Chimerarachne Yingi

When I first laid my eyes on Chimerarachne Yingi, I wanted to nope right out of its lair. It is an arachnophobe’s nightmare, with a long, coiling tail, eight legs, and fangs from hell. After studying it from a safe distance, I found that it is an ambush predator with a rather unique Hypnosis Ability that it uses to lure in its prey. It seems almost impossible for the prey to resist the strobing, bioluminescent glow. Once in its clutches, the Chimerarachne weakens the unfortunate creature with a potent venom that is produced from a gland in its tail, and the creature finally succumbs. Chimerarachne Yingi wasn't all that large in the fossil record, so seeing it monster-sized leads me to believe that there was Genetic Tampering, or perhaps rapid evolution from this Ark's highly irradiated depths.
Despite its terrifying appearance and behavior, Chimerarachne Yingi is invaluable as a mount to get from point A to point B. With the ability to climb almost any surface and create a zipline-like web, it is a versatile companion. It can weave a net from its strong silk, using it to entrap and carry even much larger creatures. Use Chimerarachne’s impressive jump and clinging abilities to navigate tough terrain, or utilize its hypnosis ability to help get you out of a jam. This beast is not for the faint of heart. 
As it turns out, these arachnids make amazing mothers despite their terrifying looks. They take care of their young, producing a substance much like mammalian milk to nourish their spiderlings (or should they be called chimeralings?). Growing chimeralings crave this substance as they grow. Rich in nutrients like protein and fat, this spider milk can be fed to carnivores to induce a healing effect, much like veggie cakes in herbivores, making it a much-coveted material.

So Why this Creature?
Aberration is the definition of a strange alien world, its scary and unsettling, and to go with that we present you the Chimerarachne Yingi. Lurking in the blue depths of this alien world this creature would fit perfectly into this map. but looks arent everything this beast has an ability like no other, making it a great contender in our eyes for this map.  honestly aberration needs another mobility mount that can climb walls as well since the rock drake which is a late game creature is the only aberration creature that can do so on the map, and the chimerarachne will fill in that void while also not out performing the The Rock Drake's Mobility.
Image From Google, Source Link


  • Tap Main Attack - basic attack (Bite animation)
  • Hold Main Attack - Heavy attack that inflicts Heavy Damage (Tail Stinger Animation)
  • Tap Secondary Attack - Toggles Climbing
  • Hold Secondary Attack - Enters a Precision Web Shooter Mode with 3 different types
    - Tap Main attack while in mode to shoot
    - hit third attack while in web shooter mode to switch ammo type
    - Hold Main attack in mode while looking at netted creature to pick up creature in net
    - tap secondary attack to exit web shooter mode
  • Third Attack - Hypnosis Attack
  • Jump Button - Performs a small Jump
  • Hold Jump Button - Performs a Powered Jump
  • Females Produce Spider Milk used to raise Chimeralings and Heal Carnivores
  • Can Harvest Black Pearls and Silica Pearls at a higher efficiency
  • Saddle Doubles as Smithy, Unlocked at level 54
  • Chimerarachne has 60% weight reduction on Metal, Crystal, Obsidian, Black Pearls, Silica Pearls, Red/Blue/Green Gems, Oil and Stone

Extra Information - Would like to Note all these are just suggestions and I don't expect the devs to use them all
The Design

  • We know the design is very far off from the original look of the creature but that is intentional and here's why Aberration has that Alien, Scary, and Creepy Factor to the Map and this extends to it's unique Creatures, so when we chose the Design we went heavy on those 3 words to keep with aberrations theme, some of you may be bothered by this but we believe that the design fits perfectly into Aberration's aesthetic, but we also kept the general features of the real world creature, as for the two big eyes which I've been asked about on the rear of it's back those are the fake eyes used for the Hypnosis, and the dossier depicts the stance it uses when using the ability, now we're aware the devs will not use the the design we chose most likely anyways but Our Artist Gemixyy has said she'd be happy and OK with it if the devs did use the design

Behavoir in the Wild

  • Adult Males tend to hang around Adult Females until they're given a Male Egg to take care of
  • Wild Adult Females will be very agressive to one another especially when males are present and will fight eachother for mating rights and will fight to the death, this behavior doesn't translate to tamed Females
  • Wild Juvinille Chimeralings will attempt to pounce on smaller creatures and survivors for fun as a way to practice their Hunting Skills, you can counter this with glowsticks as it will send the babies scattering from the light, the actual pouncing doesn't damage you but could distract you long enough for an adult to sneak up on you, (Note: I know Arachnophobes are really gonna hate this particular behavior and I'm Kind of sorry, but it's only a suggestion)

The Size

  • In reality this guy was rather small only 5.5 millimeters in length, yeah not really a big creature, but that hasn't stop Ark from Scaling up creatures so Our Chimerarachne will be a little smaller the the Karkinos when not including the tail

Expanded Abilities information
We Carefully Chose Each Ability to be strong but not over powered, some abilities are unique some are not

  •  Bite Attack - Just your Basic Standard Attack Nothing Special
  •  Tail Stinger Attack - a Heavier Attack that also inflicts Venom Damage over a short time period of time, just to add a little salt to the wound
  •  Wall Climbing Ability - just the ability to scale walls and other climable surfaces, climbing is fairly quick but it ain't winning any races against the Rock Drake
  •  Web Shooter Modes - Poison Web Bombs, Netgun, and Zipline
    - Poison Web Bombs deal a decent amount of damage upon impact with target and small amounts of lingering poison damage afterwards for 5 seconds (This Web Shooter Mode is used when a Chimerarachne it set to turret mode)
    - The zipline is just like setup with a crossbow shoot once for starting point shoot again for end point, the web zipline will last 5 minutes before decaying
    - Netgun allows you to net creatures wild or tamed and survivors, and it will start a 60 second timer the net decays, however unlike the netgun from genesis the chimerarachne can use it's powerful tail to pick up a netted creature or survivor for transport which will pause the timer (Note: Timer does not pause and timer is halved for enemy tamed creatures and enemy survivors, survivors can also use a sharp tool to break free of net) Chimerarachne can net and pick up any creature that the Karkinos can pick up
  • Hypnosis Ability - This can affect Survivors and Tames, Suvivors can break free through and on screen mini game, Smaller Tames will be drawn towards the Chimerarachne but you can shoot it to break the Spider's focus on your tame, Larger Creatures will just be stunned for a few seconds, (there is a cooldown before a survivor or tame can be affect by hypnosis again)
  • Chimerarachne can jump far distances like the Karkinos and Reaper can, and can be use to jump from wall to wall when climbing
  • Female Chimerarachne will convert Raw Meat into Spider Milk
  • Male Chimerarchne act as egg incubators for Chimera Eggs (This could extend to all eggs if the devs are down for such a feature)
  • Can collect Pearls and Black Pearls at a higher efficiency like the angler can (Warning: Chimerarachne isn't the best swimmer but cannot be dismounted or stunned by jellyfish and Eels but will still take damage from those attacks)
  • 60% weight reduction - Due to Chimerarachne's Strength it's able to carry the following Metal, Crystal, Obsidian, Black Pearls, Silica Pearls, Red/Blue/Green Gems, Oil, and Stone at a reduced weight making it a great resource Hauler, can help carry even more resources on your double ankys and crab resource runs
  • Chimerarachne's Saddle - Doubles as a Smithy considering there is no smithy saddle on Aberration

Taming Method
Taming Methods are different depending on the gender of the Chimerarachne

  1. Male Method - A Wild Chimerarachne Male will be carrying a Male Chimera egg with them if they have spent some time near a female Chimerarachne, the level of the Egg is decided by the level of the male carrying the egg, to get the egg from the Chimerarachne you have to get it to use it's Hypnosis Ability on you 5 times while using a new Item called a Mirror Shield which you will use to reflect the Hypnosis right back at the Male, after 5 times the Chimerarachne will have dropped it's egg where you can run over and grab it, then you need to return to base and hatch the egg Male Chimeralings do not require Spider Milk to reach adulthood and can live off just Meat but they will not be as powerful as they would be if they got the Spider Milk
  2. Female Chimerarchne - To Obtain a Female Chimera Egg which will show you the level of the egg when looking at it, you must find one in the wild seemingly sitting there for the taking, however it's not that simple as you'll find out the the egg is firmly attached to the ground by webbing, interacting with the egg will start a battle similar to how you start the OSDs on Extinction, but instead of Waves you are going up against a very angry Chimera Mother, which Chimera Mothers are their own special non tamable variant that only spawn during this fight and she is huge compared to average Chimerarachnes, before you even see her she'll let off a blood curdling scream of Rage that will cause almost any tame of yours to run out of range of the arena now surrounding the egg which will be indicated by a radius marker, bigger creatures like Rock Drakes, Spinos, Basilisks, and Reapers won't run in fear but the Chimera Mother will stun these creatures with her Hypnosis for the duration of the fight instead before appearing, then as she appears she'll do an somewhat Cinematic Animation dropping down from above, when she lands creatures still in the arena will be thrown out by an AOE Push, Survivors are not affected by the push but if a survivor is standing where she lands they will be killed immediately, you will find that your creatures cannot be ridden or commanded by whistles for the duration of the fight as they'll be stunned or too scared to come to your aid, there are three ways to end this fight, the 1st and easiest way is to run out of the arena border which will cause the chimera mother to run off but she'll be taking the egg with her losing your chance to obtain the egg, All participating Survivors Dying would be the 2nd Option this will cause the Chimera Mother to despawn and you'll have to start over, the 3rd option it to fight and Kill the Chimera Mother, which won't be all that easy even with high quality gear as she is a sort of mini boss with a lot of health, once the fight is over your tames will no longer be scared and can be ordered and ridden again, and you will have access to the Egg which you can take home with you, don't forget to loot the spider milk from the dead chimera mother as you'll need it to raise your new female, you will also need an Adult Chimerarachne Male to incubate the female egg (Note: Cryopods cannot be used during the fight so you can't cheese it)
  • The Lore behind the Taming Methods - Chimerarachne is Female-dominant species, therefore male offspring/eggs are cast out by the mother to be raised by the father, While she spoils her female offspring and upon "sexual maturity" females must leave their mothers territory or end up fighting her

Once you have a Breeding Pair

  • Once you have a breeding pair you'll need to give the Female Raw Meat so she can convert it to spider milk for new Chimeralings
  • Eggs produced by the your Female will only be incubated by a Male Chimerarachne which can hold up to 6 eggs at a time and will have a UI similar to the Egg Incubator for viewing stats, mutations, and colors
  • New Female eggs are very rare to get, You will get male eggs for the most part

Q&A - Ever since we uploaded the submission we've had a few common questions so we'd like to answer them Here

  1. Q: Is this Going to be another Overpowered Bug like the Rhyniognatha?
    A: Short Answer is No, while Chimerarachne is significantly scaled up like the Rhyniognatha was, it does not have Overpowered Abilities like the Rhyniognatha got, Chimerarachne is a Mobility/Utility Mount with Mid Tier Combat Capabilities, further more Chimerarachne Yingi isn't meant to out preform aberration's endgame creatures like the Rock Drake, Reaper, or Basilisk.
  2. Q: Where do Chimerarchne Spawn on the Map?
    A: You will find them in the Blue Zone of the Map, sometimes wandering into the edges of the red and green zones.
  3. Q: Is Chimerarachne Radiation Immune?
    A: Yes, but there is a downside to them being exposed to Radiation, they get a debuff on damage resistance and damage output, this is mainly to make it so getting a rock Drake Egg with a Chimerarachne is still a High Risk High Reward challenge despite their wall climbing ability which is a little bit of a slower speed than the Rock Drake's wall climbing speed, we didn't want to ruin the challenge of getting your 1st drake egg completely with the addition of this creature.
  4. Q: Why should I vote for this over the other submissions?
    A: I can't force you to vote for My Submission and you're free to vote for the other submissions, all I can do is try to sell you on the Idea with my presentation.
  5. Q: How does the Hypnosis Ability Work?
    A: Basically the Hypnosis causes your screen to have an affect and you lose control of your character as the Chimerarachne draws you closer into striking distance, you can break free of the affect with an on screen mini game, when your smaller tames are affected they'll also be drawn in but you can shoot the Chimerarachne to break it's focus on your tame, your larger tames will be stunned for a few seconds, for balancing reasons there will be a cooldown before a survivor or tame can be affected by the hypnosis again.
  6. Q: Is there any Creature that is Immune to the Hypnosis? 
    A: While nothing is Immune to the Non Tamable Chimera Mother Variant's Hypnosis, Yes Reapers, Basilisks, Gigas, Carchas, Brontos, Titanosaurs, Alphas, Bosses, and Any Water Tame is Immune are Immune to normal wild and tamed variants of the Chimerarachne

Real World Information and Source https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chimerarachne
Chimerarachne is a genus of extinct arachnids, containing a single species Chimerarachne yingi. Fossils of Chimerarachne were discovered in Burmese amber from Myanmar which dates to the mid-Cretaceous, about 100 million years ago. It is thought to be closely related to spiders, but outside any living spider clade.[1] The earliest spider fossils are from the Carboniferous, requiring at least a 170 myr ghost lineage with no fossil record. The size of the animal is quite small, being only 2.5 millimetres (0.098 in) in body length, with the tail being about 3 millimetres (0.12 in) in length. These fossils resemble spiders in having two of their key defining features: spinnerets for spinning silk, and a modified male organ on the pedipalp for transferring sperm. At the same time they retain a whip-like tail, rather like that of a whip scorpion and uraraneids. Chimerarachne is not ancestral to spiders, being much younger than the oldest spiders which are known from the Carboniferous, but it appears to be a late survivor of an extinct group which was probably very close to the origins of spiders. It suggests that there used to be spider-like animals with tails which lived alongside true spiders for at least 200 million years.
Fossil Image Pulled off Google Source Image

The Team and I had a lot of fun and put some serious dedication into the idea of this creature and we hope you guys like it too, would love to see this come to life in Aberration

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Expanding Upon Our Ideas
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Once you have done this you'll be out of the Early Bird Rank
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16 minutes ago, Arambourgiania said:

VERY far removed from the real animal and personally I don't want another Ryniognatha situation, but I absolutely respect the AMAZING concept art.

I get the Rhynio Situation but I do want to say while it's upscaled dramatically we aren't suggesting super overpowered endgame abilities like the Rhyniognatha, we made this for the midgame in mind, while still having some use in the end game, but we are not looking to replace the Rock Drake, Mobility wise the Rock Drake will still out preform this thing

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Hello! Is also made a concept for this creature a while back (although only just posted it), and since the Devs take all sorts of ideas, I'll copy and paste it below-



While this may not be as fancy a dossier as many others, I hope many will still see the awesome potential that these concepts could bring to Ark. (Note the size limit on image files may cause some to be mishapen).


The first and (in my opinion) most exciting idea for this spider would be it's unique egg stealing method. Seeing as Ark has many egg stealing dinos already, Chimerarchne would have a unique twist only Abberation could perfectly provide... It's eggs would be suspended high above the unsuspecting player on Ark's enormous cave walls and ceilings. This would require the player to climb the mother spider's web in order to obtain an egg, potentially trapping them or alerting the mother. They mighthave to use zip-lines, climbing picks, or a Rock Drake in order to reach the cluster of spiky eggs.


Once tamed and fully grown, this creature might have numerous abilities with it's webs. Such as the ability to create semi-permanent zip-lines, easily destructible with a sharp weapon, which also decay over time. Another idea might be the ability to shoot sticky traps on any surface, slowing any medium creature or player which remains in it's area, or unless broken with a sharp weapon.


It might also be able to shoot a single web to the cave walls or ceilings, in order to drag itself upwards. Because of its size and the incredible strength of its webs, it may even be able to pull medium to large creatures towards it, including up off the ground and either devouring them, or smartly just dropping them back to their death.

Another simple idea would be a slowing or venomous poison, similar to other cave creatures.


Hopefuly you consider my proposal, as I think Abberation would be a perfect home for such a potentially terrifying creature to call home. While it could be implemented on another map, it wouldn't fit nearly as well as some other suggestions on this vote, so please vote for this one!


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I vote based on the appearance over abilities (because its usually a game of russian roulette on what makes the final cut) and the concept art looks amazing. Half the submissions make me think they were designed for the fertile region but this thing leans heavily into the dark and dangerous areas of aberration. It'd be a perfect fit for the bio luminescent zone.

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