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Common name: Habrosaurus                              

Species: Habrosaurus dilatus

Time: late Maastrichtian

Diet: Carnivore

Temperament: Aggressive



This is Habrosaurus, an amphibian mutated and changed by element and radiation into a monster lurking beneath the irradiated molten element of the red zone.


Wild: It spends most of its time in the molten element lakes of the red zone Hunting prey near the shores of the lakes waiting for prey to ambush careful going near the shores of the molten element lakes It will try to hypnotize your tame with it’s glowing external gills in to going in to the Molten element. 

Domesticated: With this unusual body Mutated by the element It’s able to become fully semi aquatic not needing water or molten element to Survive. this creature is extremely Radioactive just being near the thing will give you a dose of rads. take extra precautions Dealing with this creature Because it’s able to shoot out a long distance stream of purple water that is extremely Radioactive. well it’s radiation may be extremely dangerous It can be helpful as well rumors going around saying its radiation is somehow helping with breeding.

???: this creature is in pain survivor. a cry for help disguised as a lure will you kindly put it out of its misery? Or utilize its hatred?

General Behavior: Habrosaurus will be seen swimming in the element lakes when a tamed creature enters it’s line of sight it will flash it’s glowing external gills and hypnotize your tame for 7 Seconds after that your tame will snap out of it and Habrosaurus will turn aggressive. I was thinking it will lay beneath the molten element near shores and if your tame gets in its sight it will then hypnotize it After which it will turn aggressive. i like to think the behavior for this creature is very similar to the zombie sauropod in the show Primal. completely ravenous and will stop at nothing to get to you.

(Abilities and Passive effects) 

Radioactive AOE: Just being around this creature will irradiate Wild creatures And enemy players and tames will not irradiate ally players and tames.

Irradiate: nearby breeding pairs will have an increased chance for a mutation, a good percentage increase.

Silica/black pearl Harvester: Using its unusual mouth it is able to scoop up clams such as silica and black pearls even giving black pearls a weight reduction.

Radioactive healing: habro will heal in radioactive zones if there’s Radiation it will heal from it a 30% health regen. (not from it own radiation)

Immunity to Cnidaria: cnidaria roam the molten element rivers of aberration it only makes sense to make it immune to them It also makes a good biotoxin harvester. 

Aestivate: It’s able to Curl up and form a skin and mucus cocoon Around itself This will slow down its hunger Allowing it to survive without food for a vary long time and be generally easy to keep around the base.

Notable idea: I was wrestling with the idea that it will be able to climb up vertical walls/cliffs but it will use a lot of stamina. and not very good at it. It's unable to climb down or move Side to side on the wall/cliffs it can only go up. (This is to help with falling into crevices/pits or generally helping to travel).


Radioactive Spray: a boiling continuous jet of radioactive purple water like substance that deals a decent Amount of damage itself. (scales with melee damage) and will Leave behind purple radioactive puddles. you can drench your enemies in The longer you spray them the more you Irradiate them Thus increasing in radiation damage over time accompanying with it a new fluid gauge when using your spray You use fluid If the fluid gauge runs out you can no longer spray The fluid gauge will recharge over time taking heavily from the hunger bar So keep it stocked with food cuz if the food bar runs out your fluid runs out. (Note the radiation from this attack is unique Where only this attack does the following)  (Base damage 40) (Side note the radiation from this attack will not affect radiation immune creatures for Balance reasons It will still do damage but will not apply to radiation debuff that goes along with it).

bite: As the name implies a simple bite. (Base damage 65) (used for harvesting black pearls and silica).

360 degree tail whip: With the other half of the creature’s body being essentially a long tail might as well use it. With knockback.

Sirens lure: a simple cry/roar But for 7 seconds any wild or enemy creatures will be hypnotized and be lured in Will not cause wild creatures to aggro (Has a cooldown).

Devour: it is able to swallow and eat whole small creatures such as for an example the dodo and lystrosaurus Doing so will restore 450 food and 50 HP the way this will work is by looking down over a small creature a crosshair will appear it will turn green if it able to eat it red if not. With this attack it is able to pick up players and attempt to swallow them use a plant species Z fruit and throw it down its throat for it to drop you. (With recoil animation)


Mating will be relatively normal the eggs themselves are not. When the egg is laid it becomes sticky being able to toss it out and have it stick to any surface also its Radioactive you will need hazmat gear to get near it you can even stick it to your fellow tribe members. be careful hatching eggs in bulk the highest level will turn cannibalistic if not claimed. (Another idea I had is that you set the male onto mating. That will proceed to make a spermatophore in its inventory you then give the spermatophore to a female by putting it into her inventory and sitting her on to mate. The spermatophore will be used. an egg will shortly be made after that).


To begin taming first you are going to need a good amount of small creatures such as dodos you’re also going to need a good amount of mushroom stew for the taming process to begin you’re going to need to lure it out of the molten element lake then the fun begins you’re going to be poisoning it so feed all your small crittersThe mushroom stew every time it eats one it’s torpor will go up but this creature is extremely ravenous and won’t be an easy task once knocked out it’ll be a standard knockout tame from there (I should also point out I’m not very good at taming Ideas)


 As you may have already guessed this tame is radiation themed mutated by its environment it’s aggressive it will kill anything it can. I was thinking of a special saddle making it so you can go in the element river and not get hurt or irradiated. essentially a andrewsarchus saddle But without a gun obviously cockpit type saddle like the magmasaur. you will be immune to spores cannot be picked off or even hurt by small flying creatures. You can even go into the molten element. The saddle It will be Animated And when you get in it closes and And when you get out it opens. a good tame to travel the red zone with. Instead of coming up with something that will just overshadow another or make another thing obsolete, I decided to create a creature that will fit its own niche in its environment and be for both playstyles. It will be pretty fast on land But an even faster swimmer. the stat arrangement will be in between spino and megalosaurus. also unlike most creature submissions I have seen This creature is particularly useful on other maps too If not even more so. also as a small detail do not feed it mushroom stew!

Feel free to share your ideas in the comments. Wildcard looks at them too.


Sources: Habrosaurus - Wikipedia        




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2 hours ago, Arambourgiania said:



Reminds me of the behir, my favorite Dungeons & Dragons monster! I would LOVE for something like this to be in the game, especially Aberration which I think this gross cave-crawler would be perfect for.

Thank you for the vote please feel free to share let's get this going around!

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14 hours ago, DeliaHaze20 said:

I'm just going to be letting everyone here know that I'm going to be using this creature (slightly modified) for gen 2 I hope to see you all there when the time comes!😀

Good to know, too bad it doesn't seem to stand a chance in this contest at this point. The Top 10 seem pretty well solidified by now.

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