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  1. Pillars are annoying i tried searching over 25 island servers for a place to build on xbox and even went inland and still no luck
  2. Yea I agree I would like to see them fix meshing and duping then wipe official. But I would also like to see a cure for Coronavirus but that wont happen anytime soon
  3. I just wonder when ps5 and xbox series x comes out if servers can transfer over ps4 to ps5 and xbox one and xbox series x by then I hope duping is fixed and meshing is gone and I hope it is a fresh start
  4. I agree they should wipe but they need to fix meshing and duping. But when ps5 and xbox series x releases there will be a fresh start hopefully these problems are fixed by then
  5. I like the idea of a fresh start of official but only if they fix meshing and duping
  6. Finally gacha Claus can give all the naughty dupers and meshers coal for Christmas
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