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  1. yes you can just don't bring anything with you.
  2. going to need more info. like what tribe you are in. how many active members you have. and the game mode. and what platform you play on
  3. a skin for the spino it need cosmetic love skeletal tek zombie i dont care i need a skin for him
  4. have you ever played pvp before? a general not trying to be rude.
  5. a little creepy but its ok... and RIP void Wyvern my fav gen 2 tame.
  6. i doubt it. but we do have orcs!
  7. some time in 2022 or 2023.
  8. Fiber Craft: most likely PC: mod support yes
  9. it better have pvp i want to kill people i need to release some repressed rage!
  10. this is the ark 2 forums buddy and yes you can build in caves on official server at lest on pvp i remember
  11. magmasaur voidwyrm spino... that is all
  12. this is a old post i know better now its a pvp tame i did not hear about the stunning effect when i made the post i also thought they patched the kicking the player off at the time as well it all good now.
  13. i voted for it because i did not wont a giga clone. getting 1 taped in pvp is not f**k fun.
  14. the problem with the Sawed off shotgun in pvp is the spread is insane and the pump shotgun has a hit registation issue
  15. its base damage is 46 it damage is bad you have to feed element to make it more usefull but its a waste on element to do so
  16. the ferox is buggy to all hell and not worse breeding.... and it trash
  17. it needs a damage increase if anything or a penetration effect but i see it is used more for squishy targets for defending on pvp its best to use a cap damage one
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