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    not going to lie i would like at cool boat building system.
  2. after 2022 events for ark 1 will stop at lest what i heard and about ark 1 dying its the reality of having a sequel.
  3. no gameplay i want to see Santiago poop.
  4. guys don't watch Teachers Game Too for pvp advice he does not know what he is doing half the time.
  5. one of my buddys still play official pvp and i watch him from time to time naver have i seen a artho people don't uses arthos anymore people are more likely to use c4 or meks
  6. you have a lot of good points but im not a fan of Safe zones or server wipes. and i don't want pvp to cater to pvers
  7. DeliaHaze20

    Ark 2 ideas

    according to what my tech friends say. with the new tech in unreal engine 5 meshing is going to be next to impossible. and aimboting is going to be a joke since all we are going to be using are bows and just to put it out there i rather get aimboted by a bow than a hit scan gun. and i played pvp for 3 years so i feel you.
  8. DeliaHaze20

    Ark 2 ideas

    it looks to me that you want a mix of skyrim and conan.
  9. what are you saying are you talking about ingame currency or real money? either way no one want that bro people will rage 100%.
  10. ya not base game bro only in free maps and im not talking about aliens/sci-fi creatures here.
  11. yes i was using it as a example.
  12. burh... that's not the combats fault its your fault for not paying attention and being bad at the game. all so its a souls like combat its not a carbon copy so im guessing you never played any game like dark souls or it combat like system. i can understand the first person bit but not liking a combat style because you don't like the way it looks sigh...
  13. its a game made by grapeshot games some of the people of WC made it. a lot of the fighting mechanics in the game are like dark souls so it has bin done. but i don't understand why people don't like the dark souls like combat.
  14. bro i cant see WC adding mythological creatures from history to ark 2 it does not fit with the theme. maybe as a mod obviously but that's as far as it goes.
  15. bye tek and don't let the door hit your butt on the way out! good riddance.
  16. i was referring to atlas combat not Popularity for the second time now. my point is it way not be like dark souls at all just there own spin on it. like conan exiles.
  17. its not that different all the systems are there all be it poopy. also not talking about the popularity. i like to think WC is trying out stuff and prototyping. also to me its better to have a good combat system then a garbage one and most of the time people are going to kill stuff with a dino anyway. so to me its not a big deal.
  18. so i guess you guys never played atlas.
  19. ahah good times blocking supply drops is allowed on official last time i checked. man so many memories.
  20. i like the ideas for the ocean. and for the dlc creatures i think a clean slate for ark 2 is called for as much as seeing the dlc creatures will be interesting i don't think its is needed. and a game having more focus on melee combat adding guns is just a bad idea in general.
  21. im going to keep an open mind for ark 2
  22. if your not playing pvp to kill other players then you are playing it wrong. i suggest playing pve but to answer your question the best way to fight a alpha tribe is to be in a alpha tribe. that simple.
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