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Megalictis Ferox: Giant Wolverine with Sled Saddle and Berserker rage(New Art)




Artwork By Riskybiscuits 

Megalictis size.jpg

Megalictis ferox, illustration - Stock Image - C036/6800 - Science Photo  Library
Megalictis ferox

Artwork by TheSilentReaper

Species: Megalictis Ferox
Time: Miocene
Diet: Carnivore
Temperament: Aggressive

The Megalictis is a prehistoric relative of the modern-day Wolverine however it is much larger than the Megalictis seen in the fossil record while that one was around the size of a Jaguar this one is around the same size as a Dire bear. Megalictus is a truly fearsome predator with a bite that is able to crush bone and claws that deal major damage to prey through it’s powerful swipes using these tools it’s able to face off against many of the deadliest creatures on the island by itself I once saw one take on an entire pack of Dire wolves and come out on top. Megalictis also has some of the most specialised adaptations I have seen on the island the first being it’s fur coat the fur is so thick that it is outright immune to any and all cold and ice allowing it to survive in the coldest areas of the island possible Megalictis also possesses a special scent gland similar to skunk if it ends up in a fight it cannot possibly win It activates the scent glad causing all nearby attacking creatures to be briefly stunned and allowing the Megalictis to make a Quick getaway


Megalictis is a very tough creature to domesticate as it refuses to bow down to anything it considers inferior to it and it’s thick fur coat makes it outright immune to being tranquilised the only method I have seen that will get it to bow down to a survivor is to assert dominance over it a survivor must somehow defeat it in a fight then once It’s weakened the survivor may hop on it’s back and gain control over it. Once tamed Megalictis is a truly fearsome beast and highly valuable asset to any tribe as it’s thick fur not only allows a survivor to traverse the coldest areas, but it renders them outright immune to ice-based attacks this includes from Managarmrs and Ice wyverns. Megalictus also has a remarkable sense of smell that can work to the survivors’ advantage as by sniffing tracks it can reveal the position of any creature to it’s fellow tribemates. However it’s most dangerous ability is it’s Berserker Rage as the Megalictis takes damage and deals damage it will slowly start to become more and more Bloodlusted over time once it reaches its max level of Bloodlust it enters a berserker state letting out a Loud roar with its eyes turning a blood red and causing it’s speed and power to drastically increase. I have also seen many survivors equip the megalictis with a special saddle with a Sled attachment this enables the Megalictis to carry much heavier loads and get around with relative ease

Left Click Bite attack

Right Click Swipe attack

Can Jump with spacebar

Has a warmth effect similar to the Dire bear and Dire wolf however this also makes the rider immune to things like Murder snow

is immune to ice based attacks like the Ice Wyvern, Ice titan and Managarmr breath attacks this immunity also extends to the rider

Will not be frozen by the snow owl heal but will still recover health

Has a Snow buff feature whenever the Megalictis is in a snowy or icy environment or whenever hit with an ice based attack it gains a buff similar to what the Spino, Shadowmane and Tropical wyvern get with water however rather than a movement speed increase it gains a damage resistance buff but still gains the standard Damage increase 

Has a Sled Saddle Attachment for it's regular saddle the sled can have up to several Megalictis attached to it and the more attached the faster you'll be and the more weight the sled will be able to carry 

Can see animal and player tracks when sniffed the player or creature will be highlighted on all tribe members screens and their level, health and stats will be displayed

Can activate a scent gland that creates a toxic cloud similar to a what the poison grenade does but it can only be activated once the Megalictis has low HP so this ability isn’t abused and Overpowered

has a Berserker Rage state inspired by the Marvel Character Wolverine as the Megalictis takes damage and deals damage a small meter will slowly start to fill up once filled the rider presses C causing the Megalictis to go into it’s berserker rage state during it the creature will let out a loud roar and it’s eyes will turn bright red and all damage it deals is doubled, it’s movement speed and attack speed are doubled and it gains damage resistance however this rage only lasts around 3 mins and once it is over the Megalictis will gain a debuff called Fatigued where it’s attack speed, movement speed, health regen and stamina regen are all halved for a brief period. It also gains a new attack replacing the claw swipe called the frenzy swipe where is slashes rapidly with it's claws this attack deals major damage however it drains stamina rapidly 

Has the ability Fearless this makes the Megalictis completely immune to things like the fear roars of a Yuti or Rhynio 

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Megalictis was a large mustelid that lived during the miocene epoch it resembles a ferret or wolverine. For this this suggestion I will mostly base its abilities on a wolverine as it is the largest mustelid. In ragnarok it would live in the murder murder snow. Some of these abilities are based on other mustelids.

Megalictis would be rideable. Wolverines also live in Scandinavia and given that ragnarok is loosely viking inspired I think this creature would fit perfectly.

In game megalictis would be similiar size to a daeodon.



Health: 400 (fits a glass cannon role)

Stamina: 500 (wolverines travel large distances)

Oxygen: 150

Food: high

Weight: 430

Damage: 45 at level 1.  65 per frenzy hit.




Frenzy:   Megalictis would have an ability that can charge up 1 to 10 times when released Megalictis would claw swipe rapidly in every direction the amount of times charged. This does high damage and does bonus damage depending on the drag weight of the creature it is attacking. This is because wolverines are known to take down prey much bigger than themselves

Burrow:  megalictis can burrow temporarily this will rapidly heal the megalictis and potentially the player but it has a long cooldown and consumes food and Oxygen rapidly.

Diet: megalictis is an omnivore however it can be really aggressive. It is ignored by all but the largest of carnivores as none want to mess with it.

Stink spray: megalictis can spray a stink spray that deals low DPS, drains Stamina and slows creatures. Players effected by this recieve a watery effect on their screen which blinds them slightly (it smells bad).

Nocturnal: unlike megalosaurus megalictis doesn't sleep in the day but gains a 15% damage boost and 15% damage reduction at night

Snow feet: like the wolverine megalictis has special soles on its feet that allow it to move slightly faster when running on snow. This might be hard to implement.


Potential abilities:


Climbing: megalictis could have a climbing ability like the thyla but with limited height before it slides down. And it can't stay up forever.


I had this as a separate post originally but the mods combined but but I like the other idea so I'm not bothered 





Yes I know it was a lot smaller in real life.



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if it doesn't win this vote (which it very likely won't lol) I plan to submit it to pretty much every map with a snow biome such as Extinction, Valguero, Genesis 1, Crystal isles and if they get votes the center, Lost island and Fjordur since all that's really required for my Megalictis to fit on a map is a snow biome plus next time I should have some badass artwork done for it I wasn't as prepared this time since this vote really came out of nowhere and it looked like only the story Arks were getting new creatures 

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Just now, Ficho said:

For the scent gland bit, i sugest maybe more of an area denial ability that maybe forces creatures away and blinds them if they stay, rather then a stun. Since it's offensive capabilities are already pretty insane

Perhaps a Stink cloud that acts sort of like a poison grenade instead of the stun?

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