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  1. Does anyone have a date for when crystal isles player dedicated servers will be up? I would love to have one hosted and then transfer to Fjurdr when it is available as a player server but currently we can't host it on ps4
  2. I love this game with a passion and play on console, which I know might take a little outta the experience for me i the way of mods and such but I've also see how hard the staff and devs in the game have work to give us the best experience they can but i would LOVE to see the high increase of creature diversity and game-play these creatures would at to the game, I know that they would most likely have to go through some nerfs or buffs to a few of there stats but ALOT of the base work seems to already be completed by the mod dev. PLEASE consider commenting and showing your support on the idea of this because I know I and many others in the community would love to see the creatures from ark additions join the roster and bring an even greater amount of life to the game then the already massive hype its at in its current state!!! The workers and devs at wildcard have my full support and praise for making such a fun game and I only wish to see it have the best life it possibly can before ark two and give those who might have to wait on ark 2 a big chunk of content to keep us busy! Thank you so much for reading this far and considering this little petition and have a wonderful day!!!!
  3. I've found at least two explorer notes i can't access on the ark and im not sure if i have to complete things first or if i should just be able to access them
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