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Problem when jumping on Official Servers - Connection timeout


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Hey all! My friend and I are playing on Legacy Official Server Ragnarok15 for more than a year and we are planning on make a small base on Legacy Official The Island 504, which is in the same cluster. I can jump to there without issues, however, when he tries to jump to 504 he gets the "connection timeout" message and he spawns in a fresh char (lvl 1) but with all his gear and items. And he can walk through the entire without problems. To get his char back again, he needs to log in again at Ragnarok15 and his char is there, with his current lvl (102). 

FYI, I play on steam and he plays on Epic. 

Any ideas on what is going on here and any suggests? Thanks in advance!!

(PS: sorry, not english native speaker)

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