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Panthera Atrox - The largest feline of all time is here!

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Name: The Cave Lion
Species: Panthera Atrox
Time Period: Pleistocene (Ice Age)
Diet: Carnivore
Temperament: Aggressive

Wild Observations:

Within the vast tundra's and neighbouring grasslands on the Ark lives a hulking and voracious predator, Panthera Atrox or the Cave Lion is the largest big cat on the island standing almost as tall as the Direbear! Unlike Smilodon these large predatory cats live in strong family Prides. Prides usually consist of mostly females and usually a singular male. They are pale in colour with males sporting a large dark mane with Lionesses lacking the mane. Females tend to do the hunting while males protect the Prides territory and young from other invading male Cave Lions. 

Panthera Atrox are usually found next to Cave entrances as that's where they usually look after their young, lounge around or hide to escape bad weather conditions. Survivors have been known to be unlucky enough to accidently stumble into a cave of these cats during blizzards, needless to say most of these scenarios end with the cats getting a free meal. 

The hunting behaviour of Panthera Atrox is something to be respected, the lionesses will utilize ambush tactics to get close to prey and then burst from their stalking positions at incredible speed, during which when close enough the lion will lunge at the prey and take it down with sheer strength. This takedown has been seen to work on small to medium sized creatures however groups of Cave lionesses have been witnessed taking down larger prey in groups. Males have been seen while rarely join on these hunts however they're not usually involved in these group effort take downs and often tend to stick to hunting medium sized prey. They do however seem to encourage females with bellows during hunts when the chase begins, these bellows seem to carry across substantial ranges.



Taming an adult Panthera Atrox is not a viable idea, these predators have grown such strong links to their pride during their growth that having them willing to leave the pride is impossible. It is however possible to sway cubs away from their prides because they have not yet learned to be fully committed to their pride, this is easier said than done however because cubs are usually hidden within cave systems or within cave entrances and also protected by adult males who have increased ferocity and vigour when defending his cubs, he is also joined by a couple Lionesses. If you are lucky or victorious in combat to defeat the protecting adults, cubs tend to be fairly accepting of a survivors taming attempts, cubs will eat raw meat, prime meat and mutton passively from survivor this process can take a while so the survivor is encouraged to bring protection to deal with the caves constant threats or more worryingly more Cave Lions.



Domesticated adult Panthera Atrox are incredibly powerful ridable combat animals, perfectly suited to taking on most medium sized threats alone, they have very high resistances to most damage due to their stocky build from surviving in the icey wastes of the tundras and also their fairly head first hunting strategies. In groups these Lions get even more dangerous, with tribes using their wild instincts to their advantage taking down larger foes with groups of female lionesses and the male giving the group encouragement. These make perfect tames for tribes who want to remain a little more obscure on the Ark and don't like the idea of a large thundering theropod to give away their tribes base of operations of position in an ambush but also something strong enough to tackle those larger threats in a group. When it comes to harvesting, the Cave Lion is an excellent gatherer of pelt and hide.

Gameplay (Generic):

The Cave Lion is based mostly around combat both PVE/PVP and is mainly thought to give the player a mount capable of stealth attacking other players/AI without the need to purely going into invisibility but also rewarding players for doing by allowing the player to tackle down others. A well thought out ambush with multiple Cave lions and players riding them can even be used to take down larger animals so it also promotes teamwork. 

Movement: The Cave Lion is a slow hulking behemoth of a cat that takes time to reach its full speed, so during a sprint it will accelerate until it hits maximum speed.

Ambush:  By holding the "C" key, the Lion will go into a stalking stance which is a crouched stance with very slow mobility, this stance gives the player/mount the same abilities a player would gain from ghillie, allowing them to sneak up on most AI threats to a fairly close range. When within a specific range of prey, the Lion then bursts forward, giving it the ability to go into a faster version of its sprinting style, allowing it to reach its top speed much faster, this speed increase part of this ability does go on cooldown after use so it cannot be abused.

Grapple: At max speed the Cave Lion gets to use its most dangerous attack, the ability to tackle and take down creatures and knocking off riders unlike the Thylacoleo, the grapple on the Cave Lion can be used to take down small to medium sized dinosaurs and the Cave Lion will end up releasing the grappled creature when it runs out of stamina. 

Gameplay (Lioness):
The Hunter: As The Lioness is the dedicated hunter of the Cave Lion Pride, they gain a buff when among 3 more Lionesses that trigger when all 4 are in proximity of each other in their ambush stance, this buff allows the Lionesses to grapple attack larger animals up to the size of mammoths, knocking them over and knocking riders off.

Gameplay (Male):
The Protector: Male Cave Lions are the lethal protectors of the Pride, their bellows which can be activated by hitting "left ctrl" give females encouragement, allowing the females to sprint for longer and grapple longer during hunts due to it gaining a stamina buff the lioness, The Male Lion will also naturally gain a damage output buff for himself when surrounded by females, the idea is that the male Lion can help protect his Lionesses from the knocked off rider while they hold down the players tame.


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Cave lions are large big cats in-between the size of a saber and a thyla. This large big cat is found in mountains, the snow, open grasslands, and the desert. Cave lions are very stealthy and their pattern matches their environment which helps them when hunting. They can be solitary or in packs and will attack about anything the size of a mammoth or stego and anything smaller. They are capable of pinning small animals under their paws, completely immobilizing it. When hunting larger prey they will jump onto the backs of it and cling on to it. They are able to make the animal fall and immobilize it. The bigger the creature, the more cave lions needed to pin the creature. Cave lions also take reduced damage from the creature they are clinged to by 25% and do 10% extra damage to the creature. Pack leaders will do a roar which seems to buff up their pack. They will start to attack 50% faster, move 20% Faster, and reduce stamina drain. These animals will stalk their prey silently so when in their territory be careful or just avoid. Torches seems to keep them at bay when you swing it at them. Cave lion cubs can be found in the wild and their parents will ferociously protect them and their aggro range will increase.


 A cave lion is a not a traditional knockout tame. You also can't tame them when they are fully grown. If you find a pack with cubs you need to go in and gain the cubs trust. To do this you have to distract the adults by letting them fight wild or tamed creatures. While this happens you first need to throw honey on the ground as cubs can't resist the taste of it. Then you need to feed it certain foods or pet it while slowly leading it away from the rest of its pack. You can not just go in and kill the adults or the baby will get scared and you will not be able to tame it. Wear ghillie and clear out the area before taming. Saddle unlocks at level 40. Cave lions are very good for gathering and travelling . They are very efficient at gathering hide, pelt, and chitin. They reduce the weight of pelt by 75% and stone and crystal by 50%.  Being able to stick in a coordinated pack, move very quickly, and jump high makes them great travelling mounts. They have a stealth mode where they camaflouge their skin to match the environment which reduces the aggro range of creatures by 50%. They can also go into a stalking stance and move very slowly. When doing this purlovia will not notice them when in their burrows. This allows the cave lion to pull the purlovia out of its burrow without getting stunned.

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Species: Panthera Arkus

Name: Cave Lion 

Time: Pleistocene-Early Holocene 




Wild: The Cave lion is the largest carnivorous mammal on the ark's second only to the Andrewsarchus. They spawn outside of caves but occasionally spawn in caves. The cave lion is ignored by all creatures in caves and even megalosaurus avoid them Males will stay behind and protect the cubs from rival males while Females will hunt on the plains in small packs whether on the hunt or just laying about they always never attack humans unless the human attacks them. 


Tamed: In order to tame a Cave lion you can do it in 2 ways the 1st is feeding the Male or knocking it out if you choose the 2nd option then all female lions nearby will attack you once the male is knocked out then the females will help you protect the male from nearby predators. Once the male is tamed all females within the pride are tamed as well.



Abilities: Body temp regulation: In cold regions of the ark's Cave Lions can help regulate your body temp 

                Throat slit: Like all big cats Cave lions can pounce and restrain prey once restrained the lion will crush the prey's windpipe killing it instantly (Works on small to medium sized creatures) 

                 Cave passivity: All cave animals are completely passive while a cave lion is nearby. 

                  Crouch: the lion can crouch giving the new stalk status effect once the lions stalk bar is full the lion will runs at extreme speeds for a short duration but after its done your stamina is completely drained 

Night vision: In dark areas the lion will activate night-vision to help its rider see in the dark. 



Stats: (Essentials only)


Health: High 

Stamina: Mid 

Speed: High 

Damage: High  

Stamina regen: Fast 


Spawn rate: Common 


Saddle level: 48

download (17).png

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Species: Panthera Atrox
Time: Pleistoscene Epoch (Ice Age)
Diet: Carnivorous 
Temperament: Aggressive 
Wild Behaviour:
Panthera Atrox, the biggest lion genus to ever exist. It lived in prides in north america rougly 340,000 to 11,000 ranging from 2 up to 40 packmembers, These huge cats used incredibly smart tactics while hunting, from leading prey straight into an ambush, to a stealthy approach and pounce prey, or split up a herd of herbivores and target the old and weak.
The Male American Lion served as a protector of the pride while the females hunted in groups, like african lions do today. Their bones are normally found in caves or near caves, which is why its called the American Lion/American Cave Lion.
American Lion (Panthera atrox)
Domesticated: Fully Grown American lions are a very powerful ridable midtier creature working best in a group, the males utilize there powerful bellows to boost Lions/Mammals in their pack granting a damage and speed bonus over a substantial range. 
Taming: Taming one of these huge cats is very difficult and not a good idea, the adults have very strong links and bonds within the pride and it is impossible to seperate them, while the cubs aren't very bonded with the pride and are easier to lead away, to tame a lion cub u need to kill a lion in order to obtain a voice box/vocal fold, then u need to put it in ur hotbar and press on it, doing so will make a bellowing sound attracting any lion cubs in the nearby area u can then go up to them and feed them. u can raw meat to tame them but prime meat and mutton works best.
Movement: Like the direbear, the American Lion takes 10+ Seconds to reach very fast speeds.
Abilities: Pounce and bellow courage roar.
Pounce: While in Close Range if u click c u crouch and a bar starts to charge up, the more it charges the further ur pounce and the more damage it will deal, this ability is very strong and in a pack they can take down large animals, encouraging team work.
Bellow: The Bellow acts as a courage roar like the yutyrannus by clicking left ctrl, only male lions can bellow and in doing so it will only boost mammals around it in the tribe/pack this increases damage and speed for 60 seconds by 35% and has a 2 minute cooldown, this also takes alot of stamina.
Female Gameplay: In a group of 3 or more the females gain a hunting buff making them faster and being able to charge their pounce ability quicker, taking down large prey like mamooths, knocking riders off.
Male Gameplay: The Male protect the pride, their bellows which can be used by clicking left ctrl serve as a buff to mammals around them, but buffing other lions the most giving them a 40% damage and speed boost, they can also get a buff if there is other male lions in the pride/tribe,

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que el león de las cavernas se encuentra en cualquier mapa pero solo en cuevas que es más fuerte que un diente de sable y un lobo que tiene una manada y bufo alfa que el personaje puede ver mejor en la oscuridad cuando se monta en el león de las cavernas que el león puede hacer buenos saltos que es más fuerte en cuevas que se domestique matando  a toda la manada y dejar solo las crías y que solo puedas domesticarlas crías de las manadas pacíficamente dándoles de comer carneLeón.jpg

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Cave Lion

The cave lion was a subspecies of the Panthera leo . This skilled hunter was one of the largest cats of its time (much larger than our present-day Siberian tiger and hybrid tiger) with the males weighing between 270kg and 320 kg. It was one of the most dangerous and powerful predators during the last Ice Age in Europe, and evidence indicates that it was feared. Interestingly it played a role in paleolithic religious beliefs evident from artefacts like cave paintings and a few statuettes that depicted the cave lion as a majestic, regal beast. Surprisingly, this cat did not have a mane like the present-day lion as indicated by paleolithic cave paintings and clay busts. They also show the cave lion with faint, tiger-like stripes on its body. Scientists have suggested that it may actually have been more related to the tiger. Extensive genetic studies on the fossils, however, have confirmed that the cave lion was actually a lion!


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European cave lion is an extinct subspecies of lion. This species was identified through fossils and several examples of prehistoric art. The European lion may have been a remnant of the cave lion that survived in historical times.

a fast and lethal mount
its strength is so great it is able to stun any medium-sized dino 

Taming: Taming passively with your favorite foods: Yutyran Lungs and Allosaurus Brains.

Abilities: Gives a torpor equivalent to 5 narcotic arrows according to its damage, and has high land speed, but poor sea mobility.

size 2 meters high and 2.5 meters long.

wild and tamed: when in conjunction with your group it has a loyalty buff.

saddle unlocks at level 74



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This is from an old post of mine-enjoy!


The Cave Lion is a menacing creature to be sure. With massive, razor sharp claws and canines stretching to over 5 inches, it's a creature that's pounced straight from a survivor's deepest nightmares. With an uncanny resistance to edged weapons, including arrows, new, inexperienced survivors don't stand a chance. Along with these terrifying qualities, these creatures appear in the wild in prides of up to 20!


If you manage to find these creatures and wish to add them to your repertoire, you first need a medium to large creature that is an equal or greater level to the alpha male of the pride. The aforementioned creature must have the ability to roar. You must approach the pride of lions, and then roar without attracting their aggro. When you roar, the alpha lion will emerge into the open and roar in return. When this happens, you must either defeat the alpha lion, or lead it far away from the pride. When their alpha is defeated, the lions will scatter. However, the alpha lion has resistance to bleed, torpor, and all other negative status effects, including fear roars. After this, it is a simple matter of finding and knocking out the females of the tribe.


The lions have two attacks. A claw attack that does knockback, and a bite attack that does a bleed. This, however, is not the main meat of the abilities. The lion has three stance modes. Regular, stealth, attack, and travel. The regular mode is just the general jaw and claw attacks. When in stealth mode, however, the lion loses the ability to do the claw attack. Instead, the lion gains the ability to do a pounce that deals massive damage, but instigates a cooldown on both the ability and a longer cooldown on the attack itself. If the creature is smaller than the lion, it will pounce on top of the creature, pinning it to the floor and tearing chunks off it, while gaining health. When in stealth mode, the lion crouches down low to the ground, and is invisible to tek sensors and turrets (including creatures in turret mode). This drains stamina very quickly, however. Regular players can spot you, and wild creatures will not aggro as well unless you touch them. Attack mode makes the lion considerably slower, but gives it a boost to damage and another attack. With this attack, the lion smashes down with both paws and does knockback to the target, as well as a status effect called "dazed", where the creature loses the ability to respond to whistle commands and cannot use special abilities and attacks. Flyers will be grounded. In travel mode, the lion can only do the jaw attack without the bleed. However, it's stamina gain is considerably lowered, and it is much faster. It can jump very high, and "climb" like the deinonychus.


The lion does have a saddle. When the alpha lion is killed, it will drop a special drop called "Alpha lion pelt". This can be used to tame the alpha males of the prides. When tamed, they will lose the resistance to status effects, but retain the edged weapons resistance. The saddle can only be crafted with four lion pelt, and each alpha lion drops two. To tame the alphas, you must kill the rest of the pride, and then approach the lion with a special set of armor crafted with the lion pelt. It will not attack, instead, it will roar at you (the armor does not give any special added things-it has the same armor and effects as ghillie; but it looks cool). Then, it is a regular passive tame, feeding and waiting. Once tamed, the lion will immediately become the alpha of your pride of lions, no matter it's level. The saddle is just a regular saddle, but instead of being mostly brown, it will sort of blend in with the lion's fur.

Thanks for reading my freaking essay! I really hope that another new creature gets added.

*Edit* To balance the creature a little, it would take 10% more damage from blunt attacks, i.e the ankylo, doedic, club, titano stomp, etc.

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i imagine it being bigger than a Dire bear and able to crouch.  if this was added to ark then it would be good to have inside caves to fight off the other creatures. it can live  solitary but can get a pride ( or pack) boost to a max of 3 . the males would have a mane much like the african lion of today and the female would resemble the female african lionness.  it would be ridable without a saddle but can make the saddle.  if i added this creature to ark then i would add a low chuff (low roar)  so you can use it to detect all creatures around you up to 10 foundations wide and high so your ally would emmit a green aura while angered or enemy tames would emmit a red aura. i could add a bleed effect and the speed would only be thylacoleo speed and it would have a crouch then pounce ability .  common places to find them would be caves or rarely in the jungle and redwoods. it would have a boosting roar affect in which the more animals it would fight , the more it would mitigate the other creatures damage for up to 5 seconds. i drew some inspiration of this extinct creature from my experience reading and studying the behavior of lions and tigers. i also forgot to mention that since they both hunt at night i thought i would add a night vision to it. it may not be much of an explanation but i hope this can really bring alot of imagination to the people reading this. 

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The largest feline of all time is here!

 The Panthera Atrox is a carnivorous mammal extinct species that belongs to the Felidae family, which lived in the west of North America and in the Argentinian-Chilean Patagonia region during the Pleistocene period (studies about its fossils indicate that it lived approximately 340,000 years ago).

 With a size of 1.25 m (4 feet), it is considered the largest feline of all time, being 25% bigger than the African lion. It is estimated that the American lion could reach a weight of 360 kg (794 pounds) and had a behavior similar to nowadays Asian lions that live alone and in pairs.


 - The Mighty Roar is capable of canceling the use of Shadowmanes' teleport ability (Warp Attack) and dismounting riders from any dinosaur attacked by the Panthera Atrox (except the largest ones). The roar will operate in a circular area with a radio range of about 15 meters (50 feet). It will have a cooldown with a duration of 30 seconds. In the case of the canceling effect of the teleport ability (Warp Attack) on Shadowmanes, the duration will be 20 seconds.

 - Bite with slowing effect: Each time that the Panthera Atrox bites an animal or a person, the victim will slow its movement speed (until 30%). The duration of the slowing effect will last approximately 3 seconds per bite and it could gradually increase the more the Panthera Atrox bites its enemies. The bites will use up about 10 stamina.

 - It has powerful claws capable of causing fast but not very efficient damage.

 - Damage Buff (Herd of Panthera Atrox): If there are three Panthera Atrox allied or more (it is necessary to have at least one male and two sisters), they will gain a X2 damage skill.

 - Panthera Atrox gives cold immunity to the user who rides it thanks to its thick fur.


Taming: To tame the Panthera Atrox, simply give them any living herbivore or dinosaur to eat. The larger the herbivore animal or dinosaur is, the faster and more accurate the taming process will be. (editado)


Base stats:

Health: 850

Stamina: 450

Oxygen: 250

Food: 1750

Weight: 500

Melee Damage: 100%

Movement Speed: 100%

Torpor: 850










thanks to my community for being part of this especially to DedoSinUna for his initiative and thanks to Angel, Emi, Gun y Alex, for his help ^^



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