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Change in ping and response on PS4/5 official servers


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I'm aware of this being a case of the weakest link but I noticed a remarkable change over the last week.
For a long time (years) the ping used to be between in the 10's and mid 40's and at launch of Fjodur even under 10 at best. I know, I'm spoiled with a good internet connection.

Over the weekend it changed to high 50's on average and high 40's at best. Also, the response time between button press and reaction is getting fairly high. Still under 1 second but noticable. Many times there is not even a response if you are too fast with giving a new input like moving, you have to let go of the stick and do it again.

I just wondered if this is just a PS5 thing or does it occure on other platforms as well?

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