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The Center Review and why its a fantastic map


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So I see so much hate for this map and I really dont understand why especially after playing through it on single player Alpha Boss completion and all.


The map itself has tons of great loot and it's in my opinion the most beautiful map bar none, the underground world is expansive to say the least only being outsized by Aberration and has alot of beautiful landscapes, the spores the map emits look gorgeous at night and theres countless other landmarks such as the namesake enormous floating island, the ocean gets darker as you go deeper which really isn't something most maps do at least not to the same degree and it adds a feel of realism 


Outside of the landmarks the artifact caves are pretty fun, maybe not the most complicated but fun nevertheless.


But that's all praise and while I think the hate is massively exaggerated I do think there are some issues


First and foremost the main complaint from people is traveling due to the ocean, to which I reply with get yourself a Sarco, they are strong battlemounts that move very fast through the water and can be brought into most caves especially if you got a cryopod, Sarcos are godlike on this map and if you have never tamed a Sarco here and you think it's tough to travel then go and get yourself one, they really will help carry you through the map and are very versatile. 


However the ocean does have another problem that I cant deny and that's the lack of stuff to do in it, other than gathering drops for the higher boss difficulties there isn't much to do, I think the map desperately needed more caves to mix up the variety within the massive ocean, for example Ragnarok has the Pit of Dreen, a Tuso infested trench filled with ship wrecks and a artifact within, it's a great place if you are looking for a challenge and really puts your aquatic tames to the test, if The Center had more stuff like that then I think more pr would lighten up on the map.


Finally due to this being the first map this has no unique creatures, which is a shame, I think just like the previous point that more creatures revolving around the ocean would have helped the map alot and without it it has arguably the least amount of creatures of any official ark map.




Overall the map based on appearance is 10/10 with beautiful landmarks and a overall jaw dropping tone, the map is also great for resources and anyone who is starting with Ark should start here, start and find yourself a Sarco then you'll be on your way to beating your first map although it does get hindered by the lack of attention to the ocean itself, it has some good landmarks but it needed more reason to explore the expansive dark depths



Overall I give this a 8/10, it's really not as bad as many people exaggerate and it is very new player friendly with beautiful scenery and fun caves to go through but the ocean while it had loads of potential just doesn't cut it, it needed a Pit of Dreen equivalent and more stuff to do within it, unique creatures also would have helped give the map more reason to go throughout the oceans other than to get Apex Drops and 1 artifact 

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